IT Firm Boosts Clicks and Conversions with Google Ads Optimization

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In just three months, GRS Technology Solutions observed a significant increase in conversions, improved conversion rate, reduced cost per conversion, and higher click volume after partnering with Pronto Marketing to optimize their Google Ads campaign.

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GRS Technology Solutions is a technology consulting firm based in Washington, DC, that has been supporting small and medium-sized businesses since 2014. They offer a range of services, including IT strategy and consulting, IT management, help desk support, cybersecurity and compliance solutions, and cloud services.

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Stagnant Lead Generation Despite Steady Campaign Performance

GRS Technology Solutions had been running a Google Ads campaign with phrase and exact match keywords, which generated a consistent number of leads for several months. However, they sought to increase their conversion volume and improve overall campaign performance.

Our Google Ads specialists investigated potential strategies to boost conversion results, focusing on exploring the broad match keyword option in conjunction with Smart Bidding.


Leveraging Broad Match Keywords and Smart Bidding for Improved Reach and Relevance

To address the challenge of increasing conversion volume, our specialists implemented the following tactics:

Broad Match Keywords and Smart Bidding: First, we introduced broad match keywords alongside the existing phrase and exact match keywords. Broad match allows ads to appear on searches related to the keyword, taking into account various signals to determine keyword intent.

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Smart Bidding, an automated bidding strategy that optimizes for conversions or conversion value, was used to ensure ads appeared in relevant searches.

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Performance breakdown (Dec 2023 – Feb 2024) after implementing broad match keywords with Smart Bidding

Campaign Experiments: To test the effectiveness of broad match keywords with Smart Bidding, our team conducted two initial experiments using the Google Ads experiments feature. The first experiment, which ran for two weeks in late August, was followed by a second, three-week experiment in mid-September. Encouraged by the promising results from these tests, the team fully incorporated broad match keywords into GRS Technology Solutions’ campaign in early December.

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After experiencing a downward trend in ad clicks from Sept to Nov 2023, GRS saw an immediate uptick in performance following the implementation of campaign optimizations in early December

The Outcome

Significant Improvements in Conversions, Cost Efficiency, and Click Volume

After implementing broad match keywords with Smart Bidding, GRS Technology Solutions experienced notable gains in their Google Ads campaign performance from December 2023 to February 2024:

  • Conversion Volume: The number of monthly conversions increased by 46%
  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate improved by 18%
  • Cost Per Conversion: The cost per conversion decreased by 30% to $205
  • Click Volume: The number of clicks increased by 24%
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GRS generated 13 more conversions over a 3-month span (Dec 2023 – Feb 2024)

"Working with Pronto Marketing has been fantastic for our online advertising efforts. Their expertise and strategic approach have led to a solid increase in leads and a lower cost per acquisition. We are extremely pleased with the results and are excited to continue our partnership to drive even more growth for our business."

Maria Aedo
Marketing Coordinator,
GRS Technology Solutions

The successful optimization of GRS Technology Solutions’ Google Ads campaign demonstrates the power of leveraging advanced features like broad match keywords and Smart Bidding to expand reach, improve relevance, and drive better conversion results.

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