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Wealth management firm Van Leeuwen & Company contacted Pronto to help them increase their web traffic via local Google organic searches in Princeton, New Jersey.



Founded in 1997, Van Leeuwen & Company is a New Jersey-based wealth management firm specializing in holistic financial planning, investment management, and executive compensation. Founder Kenneth W. Van Leeuwen and his team provide personally tailored financial strategies that yield growth in all areas of life and business.


Local Google Search Visibility

When Van Leeuwen & Company approached Pronto, the Princeton, New Jersey firm was already well established. With features in a number of top-notch publications like Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, Van Leeuwen & Company did not lack credibility. What they did lack, however, was Google search visibility. If a potential client searched on Google “wealth management in Princeton” Van Leeuwen & Company did not show up until the fourth page.

When we dug a little deeper as to why this may be, we found that Van Leeuwen & Company did not rank for any top keywords related to wealth management and financial services. The problem was clear. They did not have a well-developed SEO foundation to build and maintain searchability of any kind.

Van Leeuwen & Company needed to boost their search visibility. We were able to step in and make a plan to get the job done, keeping the client informed along the way.”

Matteo Trovato
Head of Search and

A keyword optimized service page was launched to help boost local traffic

Local search volume has increased steadily from January to April 2021

June 2020 saw a conversion spike at above 60 clients, over double what Brown & Dahan was producing the year prior


Keyword Analysis, Optimization, and Implementation

To start, we acquired information about the firm’s primary services in addition to the geographic area they wished to target — Princeton, New Jersey.
Next, we did keyword research and competitor analysis to determine which keyword was the best to target with search volume and difficulty level in mind. We looked at all potential keywords, including:

  • Keywords Van Leeuwen & Company were ranking for
  • Keywords their competitors were ranking for (but Van Leeuwen was not)
  • Keywords that nobody was ranking for

We discovered that “wealth management in Princeton nj” was the optimal keyword to target. Our team created a new service page to center around that specific keyphrase. We also utilized a long-tail keyword, which expanded the client’s rank for wealth management beyond Princeton. We properly optimized the keyword, and its variations, in the service page content. In addition, we ensured that the title tag and heading tag, which are critical on-page SEO elements, were also well optimized. We did a final sweep of the entire website to ensure that it is SEO-friendly and free of broken links.

Lastly, Van Leeuwen & Company needed backlinks, which are links that point from one page or website to another. The more backlinks your website receives from credible sites, the higher Google will rank it.

With a clear direction built from the start, we were able to help Van Leeuwen & Company reach audiences in and beyond their target market in Princeton, New Jersey.”

Matteo Trovato
Head of Search and

Van Leeuwen & Company is now ranking in the top ten for several queries related to wealth management in Princeton and New Jersey

The Outcome

A Top-Ten Spike in Google Rankings to Boost Web Traffic and Organic Leads

We began our work with Van Leeuwen & Company in January 2021, and over a fourth-month period, we saw dramatic improvements across the board.

Website traffic steadily rose with a 25.30% increase over a 90-day sample. In addition, by creating backlinks, we were able to guide a spike in both domain rating (8 to 16) and authority (18 to 21), respectively. These are essential SEO metrics that help determine how a website is ranked and trusted by Google. Domain Rating is a ranking metric that shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100. Domain Authority, meanwhile, is a metric that predicts how well websites will rank on search engines. Van Leeuwen & Company experienced promising improvements in both of these categories.

Van Leeuwen & Company’s original request was to increase local Google search visibility. Since working with Pronto, the wealth management firm has climbed in the top ten in Google search ranking for all queries related to wealth management in Princeton, New Jersey. Furthermore, for our target keyword “wealth management Princeton nj,” Van Leeuwen & Company is now ranking third (#3) in Google search results.

Finally, through the newly published service page, Van Leeuwen & Company saw a 600% increase in organic form submissions between January and April 2021.

Van Leeuwen & Company saw rapid growth in new online leads in their local area. That’s because we helped deliver information about their financial services to the right people in the right way.”

Matteo Trovato
Head of Search and

Van Leeuwen & Company approached Pronto with a credible brand to work with, but it was clear that they needed more web visibility. After working with our SEO team, the wealth management firm jumped from page four on Google to the second ranked firm in Princeton, New Jersey.

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