Designing a Modern Website for a New Data Analysis Platform

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Akai Kaeru was founded in 2016 and produces data analysis software. Their new AI platform discovers and visually explains critical patterns and causal relations in complex data and is an invaluable tool for data analysts. They are based in Stony Brook, NY.

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akai kaeru visually rich graphics

Visually Rich Graphics

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the intricate nature of Akai Kaeru’s AI software requires a great deal of explanation to the layperson.

Eye-catching animated pop-up graphics throughout the website show the product in action, letting the images do the talking as much as the text.

“Pronto Marketing has made a beautiful website for us - we like its look and feel. We’ve seen competitors’ websites in our space, and ours compares nicely.”

akai Klaus Mueller
Klaus Mueller
Co-Founder, Akai Kaeru LLC
akai kaeru animate app demo

Animated App Demo

An enticing snippet of the app in action greets visitors right at the top of Akai Kaeru’s homepage, immediately showing them exactly what their product is all about.

Effortlessly easy on the eye, this first impression draws in potential clients, leaving them eager to scroll down and learn more.

“The team at Pronto have the artistic and technical talents we require, and the result is good. Overall, we had a good collaboration and creative process with them.”

akai Klaus Mueller
Klaus Mueller
Co-Founder, Akai Kaeru LLC
akai kaeru informative text

Informative Text that Pops

Explaining the processes of this powerful app can involve complex words and terms that might easily cause most visitors’ eyes to glass over.

That is why we placed helpful pop-up text boxes over terminology that is not easily understood to avoid cluttering up pages with lengthy explanations.

Akai Kaeru came to Pronto with the aim of rebuilding their website from scratch.  They now have a visually rich yet informative site that places their impressive new product front and center, allowing it to speak for itself.

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