6-week Website Development: A Case Study in Efficient Collaboration

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QooQoo is a marketing agency that specializes in the healthcare industry, providing branding, marketing strategy, and creative services. It is based in Irvine, California.

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Cooperation Yields Quick Web Development

QooQoo already had a full sitemap, thoughtful design, and developed layouts for their new website when they first reached out to Pronto. Working from these designs, Pronto and QooQoo worked together seamlessly to complete the project in six weeks, two weeks ahead of schedule.

“Pam was very warm and engaging. She was very helpful and it was great working with her. She was always quick to respond and was available for any meeting requests. She ensured all tickets or comments were addressed. The support and speed has been greatly appreciated!"

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Tatiana Matusiak
Project Manager, QooQoo
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Inspiring Showcase Page

To bring QooQoo’s designs to life, we created a page of case studies, with attention-grabbing hover graphics to entice potential clients into clicking and discovering more. Visitors are taken to showcases of some of QooQoo’s most successful projects. Our dynamic user interface complemented QooQoo’s intended design of minimal text and stunning graphics.

“We had a very clear and ambitious vision for our new website. Pronto worked very closely with our in-house team and together they turned our designs into reality.”

qooqoo profile
Tatiana Matusiak
Project Manager, QooQoo

Bringing the Client's Vision to Life

Upon reviewing QooQoo’s copy and design, we knew that our development tactics and techniques needed to align with their concise, storytelling approach. We collaborated closely and quickly to ensure the final product met their expectations. The result? A memorable site that works as well as it looks, all developed in just six weeks.

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