Announcement: Pronto Growth Becomes Growth Connect

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Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Scott.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve rebranded Pronto Growth to Growth Connect.

In case you haven’t heard of Pronto Growth or Growth Connect, we are a strategic marketing division of Pronto that provides 1:1 marketing guidance and coaching to business leaders.

We started back in 2019 because several Pronto clients didn’t have an in-house Marketing Director or CMO, and they asked us if we could provide strategy and direction.

Since that requires a very different type of solution than a web agency can provide, we created a dedicated division to fill that gap, one that specializes in creating marketing plans and actively managing marketing strategies for our clients.

So why change the name?

Fast forward to 2022, our network of marketing strategists continues to grow and help business owners around the globe.

But since our offering is separate from Pronto’s website and marketing services, we realized the name “Pronto Growth” was a bit confusing.

We’ve also learned that to help our clients grow, marketing can’t live in a silo. We must deeply understand the businesses we work with and we must remain connected.

And so, we changed our name to Growth Connect.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you’re currently a Pronto client, or if you’re considering working with Pronto, this won’t affect your service in any way. Pronto will continue providing website builds, website support, and various marketing services.

But if you need marketing strategy and guidance, like defining your target audience, identifying your differentiation, creating persuasive messaging, and developing more comprehensive campaigns, I’d suggest you check us out on the Growth Connect website.

We’re looking forward to learning more about you and your situation to see if we might be a good fit for one another.

Hope to speak with you soon.


Is Growth Connect a marketing agency?

No, GC (Growth Connect) is a network of certified marketing strategists who provide CMO-level guidance to business leaders.

Do Growth Connect strategists only provide Pronto services?

No, GC strategists can work with your in-house team and recommend vendors for services not offered by Pronto.

Are GC strategists like account managers?

No, far from it. GC strategists are typically committed to just 2-5 clients at a time. They are incentivized by their client’s success. Think of them as a fractional CMO, leading your marketing strategy. This goes well beyond standard website or marketing services. Your GC strategist will put in the time to learn all about your company and goals, and, in many ways, become part of your team.

Does it cost extra to work with a GC strategist?

Yes, Growth Connect is a distinct division and offering. When you hire a GC strategist, you are hiring a fractional CMO. The first step is to work together on your Marketing Blueprint. From there, the strategist charges a monthly fee depending on the level of engagement you choose. You can learn more about Growth Connect pricing on our website.

Does Growth Connect build websites?

Yes, but the process is distinct from Pronto’s. With Growth Connect, you’ll work closely with your strategist to plan, wireframe, and oversee your new website build. The technical work is done by our own dedicated team, and your site will be hosted by Pronto.

How can I learn more about Growth Connect?

You can speak directly with one of our strategists and find out if Growth Connect is a good fit by visiting our Growth Connect website.


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