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This month we’re taking a look at some Pronto websites that use bold media and carefully crafted combinations of design and content to convey emotional messages to readers. This helps brands communicate much more effectively than just listing out benefits.

We have a managed IT services company from Wisconsin, a company selling robotic lawnmowers from the UK, a financial services firm in Bangkok, and another, larger-scale IT services company based in Southern California. Their websites use feelings as well as facts to convince visitors that they have come to the right place to get their problems solved.

See these Small Business Websites for yourself!

1. Computer Magic

Small Business Websites

Computer Magic has been in the tech services game for over thirty years, and their name is trusted by small businesses in and around Madison, Wisconsin. They want to convey expertise and confidence so that their clients will feel safe in their hands.

To accomplish this, Pronto opted for a design that employs sharp lines and dark colors to give a technical and official feeling, and our copy uses a confident, declarative language. We also employed an infographic on the front page to show how organized and adept Computer Magic is at planning.

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2. Autocut

Small Business Websites

This British company sells robotic lawn mowing systems from a well-known brand, Husqvarna. Pronto rebuilt their existing website from the ground up on our platform in order to improve its performance. The result: a website with the same design and content as before Pronto, but with under-the-hood upgrades and tweaks to improve the visitor experience.

The updated website uses video liberally, as well as other visual effects that are, for lack of a better term, “flashy.” This helps convey how cutting-edge autocut’s technology is, and shows that their products are breaking the mold and revolutionizing the way people care for their lawns.

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3. SmeCFO

Small Business Websites

This company is based in Bangkok, Thailand and is operated by foreign nationals who provide financial services to small- and medium-sized enterprises that lack the budget for a CFO. They didn’t want to come across as “bean counters” with no concern for their SME clients, so they tasked us with conveying a more casual and friendly message to build trust. 

When crafting this site, Pronto’s production team used a design with soft edges, warm colors, and even high-res images of unrelated yet calming subjects. We also employed language that is reassuring and lacks excessive jargon. The result shows the visitor that this company is run by friendly, down-to-earth professionals who will care for their clients’ businesses as though they were their own.

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4. IT Connect

Here we have another IT services company, but this one services the Inland Empire in SoCal — a much different environment than Wisconsin. Here, there is no shortage of tech-wizzes and connected businesses, so expertise is not a central selling point. What clients in this area really want is a business-savvy technology partner that’s good at growth and forging relationships.

To pull this off, Pronto’s production team opted for a simple, easy-to-follow design with business-oriented content to portray a company that knows what it’s doing and is easy to work with. To highlight this we used images and media that show people in action as well as pictures of the local area to show that I.T Connect is knowledgeable about their environment. 

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Hearts and Minds

People need to feel that a business deserves their money, not just know that they do. You too can generate more leads with a website that conveys your brand’s emotional message and Pronto can help. For more examples of effective Small Business Websites and what makes them special, check back next month for the next Pronto showcase. 


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