The future of SEO: Machine Learning


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is constantly evolving. Machine learning is a premise that has been talked about and has definitely become the future of SEO. It is important to know what machine learning is and how it’s going to impact SEO as a way of being able to take the necessary steps to be ready.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence, which allows computers to learn without actually being programmed. Essentially, it allows computer programs to teach themselves how to change and grow upon being exposed to new data. It’s going to allow computers to be more adaptable.

Machine learning is already up and going, such as with self-driving cars that help to brake, parallel park, and pause for pedestrians. The car is constantly adapting, such as to the driving habits of the person behind the wheel.

How Machine Learning Impacts SEO

Machine learning is having an impact on SEO, too. Search engine optimization used to be all about keyword stuffing, though it is much more than that now. It’s one of the most important factors used within the algorithms by Google. It is constantly adapting to the queries based upon interpretation instead of direct input.

There are going to be gradual changes regarding SEO over the next several years. Artificial intelligence is going to have an impact on the change as a result of response and process. This means that computer engineers are no longer going to be able to simply code up a website and roll it out.

A learning machine is going to revolutionize SEO. However, it is still learning from humans, because everything that the machine adapts to is as a result of queries and input from humans. This means that it isn’t going to be impossible to figure out. Understanding the user experience and creating more engaging content is going to be critical in order to keep up with all of the changes.

SEO is everywhere

SEO has always been about content marketing, link building, local searches, and more. These are still going to have an impact on search engine optimization, though artificial intelligence is definitely going to play a vital role in the future of all of these areas.

The search engine by Google is constantly changing and improving through the use of artificial intelligence. It wants the search engines to understand content as a result of providing a high-end user experience. It is also going to start understanding user behavior patterns and take this into consideration with SEO.

    • Link Building

Link building is a critical aspect when it comes to search engine optimization, though no one likes to admit it. It is never a good idea to buy links, though site owners need to have their links on various high ranking websites. There are also many who claim that link building is dead, which is not accurate – it has simply evolved. The future of link building also focuses on PageRank as well as the importance of performing outreach campaigns for guest posts, featured on authority sites. The brand should also try to obtain social media mentions, particularly from major influencers.

    • Content Marketing

Content marketing is more important than ever before, and keyword density is virtually eliminated. The goal is for artificial intelligence to understand the context of content on a featured website. It needs to provide value to search engine users, and therefore doesn’t depend upon the density of keywords. The content should be well written and relevant, and be able to provide engagement. The goal is also to target real users as opposed to bots, and there may be penalties for sites that feature too many ads because there is not a sufficient amount of content.

    • Local Search

In terms of local search, the future involves the use of citations. This includes address, phone number, and name. Google wants to show real businesses, which means not using a PO Box. It wants organizations to show up on the Maps, and registering a Google Business is critical, which also includes sending a verification postcard.

    • Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC campaigns are going to change in the future as well. These pay per click campaigns are an important part of Internet marketing, and while larger brands tend to dominate, it is also important to have a good landing page as a way of reducing costs and improving quality scores. Everyone should also partake in A/B testing to be able to analyze campaigns and choose the top-performing ones.

Ultimately, SEO is changing as a result of machine learning and everyone needs to understand this in order to be ready to make the most effective changes.


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