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8 Tips for Writing Clickable Calls to Action

When you are writing button copy for contact forms or throughout your website, you need to have an amazing call to action in order to drive clicks. This means taking the time to understand

The Anatomy of an SEO Spam Message

If you have a website, you’ve gotten a spam message trying to sell you SEO services. The SEO industry is overwhelmed with scammers trying to make a quick buck off website owners who don’t

5 common mistakes to avoid when writing negative review responses

No business ever wants to see a negative review appear on popular review sites like Google+ Local or TripAdvisor. Unfortunately for most businesses, receiving a negative online review is going to happen. By now,

How to Use Customer Testimonials the Right Way

Think about all the purchases you have made, movies you have seen or events you’ve attended recently. The chances are that you went because it was recommended by someone you know, or whose opinion

5 Steps you can take to align marketing & sales on their lead goals

You’ve made it! You’ve finally grown your business enough to the point where you have both sales reps and one or a few people coordinating your marketing efforts. In the beginning, it was only

How to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value with Marketing

Does it feel like winning customers keeps getting harder? Is the competition for sales seeming more fierce? That’s likely true. Customers shopping for providers now have more information at their fingers than ever before.

5 Signs of a Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Scam

SEO is only getting more complicated. As a website owner, it’s hard to balance all the aspects of your Internet Presence and often, SEO can be a major time sink and constant source of

Will Google’s “Mobile-First” Index Hurt Your Organic Traffic?

Like “Mobilegeddon” in years past, the hype is real for this change. If you have long delayed a mobile-friendly website redesign or have an old mobile-only version of your site, you’re at risk. In

How to use Facebook Ads to generate business leads

If you’ve ever used Facebook advertising to drive business leads, you’ve felt jealous of consumer brands. Your very first, very hopeful Facebook campaign probably crashed and burned, providing few if any leads and leaving

How to Create a Buyer Persona Quickly & Easily [Free Tool]

Who are your ideal customers? I’m not talking about their job titles or the number of computers in their office. When you really think more deeply about the people you’d like to attract to

How to Get More Business from Google: Claim Your Local Business Listing

Just having a website isn’t enough these days to get a consistent flow of leads and sales. Your site is one of hundreds or even thousands that serve the same geographic area. If someone

The Guide to Getting More Out of Pronto – Part 4

Looking back at Part 3 of The Guide to Getting More Out of Pronto, I might have spent too much time discussing advertising. Personally, I’m not a big fan of AdWords, but I like

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