6 Reasons Why Twitter Is Essential for Small Businesses


Small business Internet marketing as a whole has become a very attractive platform as compared to before. With the world becoming cluttered with push-marketing features – tons of ads on Twitter – people can actually escape this scenario and stick to what they are looking for based on their interest. This makes it easier than ever to connect, and to connect often with people who are interested in buying what you are selling. That means a whole new world of opportunity if you’re brave enough to take the jump. Here are 6 reasons why Twitter is essential for small businesses.

1. Networking and connecting
Like most social media networks, Twitter is a platform where people connect, easily, efficiently and quickly. Twitter lets you send out direct messages to followers and connect with other businesses and their customers. Checking feedback from customers is really important, especially in the present age of digitalization where you can see anyone anytime from any part of the globe.

When you connect with other business groups, you will get the opportunity to share ideas, success and failures for enhancing business strength. Additionally, if you are looking forward to expanding or hiring an individual then this is a great place to connect with those people.

2. Defining and refining brand or message
By creating a Twitter account you can send out tweets on a daily basis. This way you are giving your brand, company and product a definite online style and personality.

Typically, when a person is employed by a company, the company tells the new hire that they are now a representative. The same will go for your account too. Creating an informative and friendly account will determine your company’s presence. In the long run, this can be really interesting for your customers, both new and old.

3. Marketing
Twitter is a free social network and there is nothing better than an easily accessible outlet for your small businesses marketing. Marketing via Twitter serves as a medium of endless possibilities including:

  • The viral effect of Twitter – repetitive appearance of your Twitter message because of followers sharing it over and over again.
  • The ability to stay on top of the industry and find out what’s popular at the moment and how you can market to new customers.
  • allowing you to connect with customers and other businesses who can help you in retweeting messages.

4. It’s a faster way to release Information
If you plan to release new products, coupons, special offers, upcoming events or have a new post on your blog or another website then you can instantly deploy new information in seconds by posting it on Twitter. With 140 character limit on the message board, you can quickly get to the point and release information. There are websites which squeeze your links so that they can be posted on the message board without jumping the character count.  The more people seeing your new, the faster it spreads.

5. Boost your sales with Twitter
Creating increased sales and profits is essential for the survival of small businesses. You can tweet your information, deals, sales, coupons, etc. to potential and existing customers and encourage them to initiate online purchases.

6. To spy or not to spy
There can be no better way to learn about your mistakes than by looking at your competitors. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t can really help you in the long run. Also, take some time to look for your customers and who they are, to learn about what they want, and what they do not like about your company.

Twitter has more than one million people who access their accounts every day to share information, ideas, tips and collect the same information. Thus potential clients look for new places every now and then to buy the product or service they need. Twitter is very popular, and soon it will be a part of the industry standards, so by being active on twitter, you keep yourself in the game.

This post is a guest post provide by EricWelke.com – an Internet marketing and small business training blog.


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