[Video] SEO Link Building: What are Backlinks?


Backlinks (known as inbound/external links from relevant websites) are significant for your site’s keyword rankings. Websites with more backlinks rank higher on the search engine results page.

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Check out this quick video for a deep-dive look at What are Backlinks, anchor text, why you need them, and things to consider when growing external links to your site.

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SEO Strategies

To get your SEO up and running, make sure to apply these two strategies:

  1. On-page SEO: Involves SEO tactics (keyword research, writing meta tags, image optimization, H1 tags, and so on). To get a rundown, see our [Video] On-page SEO.
  2. Off-page SEO: This strategy is a must to help grow backlinks to your site. On-page SEO and keywords are only one part of the picture, but external link building is the best SEO technique.

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How Does AdWords Differ From SEO Search Terms?

The search terms that drive traffic from your AdWords campaign aren’t that different from the search terms driving organic search traffic to your site. All come from Google users who are typing in their search term(s) and clicking a link to your site.

The difference is that with AdWords, you’re directly paying for each of those clicks. With SEO, your site needs to be ranking highly in the organic search results for specific search terms to receive clicks. We offer two options with our AdWords Management service:

  1. AdWords Pro: We manage your campaign in the full version of the AdWords platform. This gives us more strategic control of features like keyword targeting, bidding strategies, ad variation testing, negative keywords, and so on.
  2. AdWords Express: The program is managed on a separate advertising platform from Google called AdWords Express. The service provides less control over the strategic features available on the full AdWords version, and it has a lower management cost.

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Final Thoughts

Off-page SEO (link building with backlinks) is critical to help your website move up the ladder on Google over time. Both SEO strategies (on-page and off-page) are necessary and beneficial for your companies marketing strategy for the long-haul. If you’re unsure or need some clarity about What are Backlinks and SEO, then reach out to Pronto Marketing. We’ll be glad to help you!


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