Who Are Your Customers? Getting Started with Industrial Persona Targeting


Video Transcript

Hi this is Derek. Today we are going to talk about personas, and how to use personas in your marketing. Now personas is something you already know. They are the common roles that you engage with your suppliers, customers. So, for instance, you have Executives Management, Procurement, Engineering, and each one of these roles and the people within them, need specific information at specific times in the sales cycle in order for you to move things forward.

What persona marketing does is gives you a framework and plan that you can start to build your Marketing activities for specific personas to move things along. Let’s take a minute and Dig into how that works.

The first step in this process is to create a Persona what I like to do is get PowerPoint or word and actually create a document for this I’ll get a photograph of someone who I think is a representative of the persona, and i’ll give them a name — it could be Bob or it could be Jane.

Then i’ll do a little bit of demographic information on this person to kind of typically what you would expect. How old they are? Where do they live? A little bit about their family, their interest their hobbies, where they went to university. This helps bring this person to life.

Now take a moment with your team and go through what are their concerns, what are they worried about, what keeps them up at night, what does success look like what are they hoping to develop in their job or career. When you finish this you have a great document that you and your staff can reference.

So when you talk about moving, say, Bob the engineer through the sales cycle, you can be thinking: Have we answered his concerns? Have we addressed his aspirations? Are we on track for what he needs? We’ll find this as a handy reference document that you use over and over as you develop your marketing.

Let’s look at 3 common personas:

The first one ownership or Executive management. There going to be thinking more long term more strategic for their business. Are you a vendor for helping them grow their business? Are you going to bring them new capabilities that let them go into new markets or serve their customers a new ways? You need to be thinking about content that helps lead their business forward and helps them understand how you could be a good partner.

Next, we can think about the Procurement. Of course they’re concerned about terms, about pricing, about delivery, and you need to make sure that your content builds a lot of trust and confidence that you’re going to be able to deliver on those things.

Lastly, think about engineering. They want to build great products and they need two-way communication, they need you to help educate them, they need to think how to best build their products, and they too need to have confidence that you’re going to come back with the product based on the requirements that they specified.

Let’s take a moment and look at a persona:

What we have here is Mike in procurement. Now you can see how we’ve picked a picture that’s representative of our idea of that persona we’ve even add in a few verbatim quotes and then we’ve broken it down a little bit of background on him, his demographics, age, family, college and that sort of thing. And then lastly, we’ve included his business priorities, the things he cares about, and the things he’s concerned about.

Now I do this in PowerPoint, you could do it in Word. But i think it’s important to get it into a document something you could share with your team and reference. So as you’re building your marketing activities or marketing programs you can think: How has Mike reacted to this? Have we answered Mike’s questions? Is Mike going to be able to move to the sales process?

You’ll find this as an invaluable tool that you’ll use over and over in your marketing activities. So that’s all on personas, thanks a lot for listening today!

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