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Pronto builds, hosts, and supports WordPress websites for cannabis industry businesses.

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What makes Pronto the right choice for your cannabusiness?

“We make building and maintaining your website easy — everything is done in-house and we’ve been doing it since 2008 for over 2,000 customers.

This includes an array of cannabis-industry businesses ranging from paraphernalia companies to financing to IT/security in the cannabis space.”

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Pronto will upgrade your cannabis website
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Website Design

Pronto is the most trusted name in the Done-For-You website design space with nearly 15 years of experience customizing sites to help our customers attract more business.

You’ll get a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process of building your new website. It will look great on mobile devices, and it will be done at a price you can afford.

Website Support

Our WordPress experts provide ongoing support for cannabis businesses to ensure their website is always up-to-date and optimized for speed. 

Whether you need to add new products, update plugins to help take payments, or download data, our support team has everything covered for you.

WordPress Hosting

Our team of seasoned WordPress professionals keep your site working at all times, handling everything from the hosting and backups to speed optimizations and lock-tight security.

We take care of your site’s technical performance for you so you can focus on growing your business.


In-house website development at a price you can afford

Other website vendors will likely start the pricing at around $10K, and if you require a large or complex eCommerce site, you’d be looking at $20-40K — no joke.

At Pronto, we are offering cannabusiness websites for as low as $5,420.

This is because we’ve been doing it for so long that we’re super efficient, we have all the specialized tools & personnel, and everything is done in-house.


Is Pronto the right choice for your business?

What our clients say about how we build, support, and promote their websites

Marijuana industry websites made easy

Pronto Marketing gives cannabusinesses a professional online presence using a time-tested process

Working in what’s known colloquially as “the weed biz” provides ample opportunity for punning. For proof, look no further than this page, where we’ve playfully strained to demonstrate our cannabusiness dealings.

Wordplay isn’t new for us. In fact, there’s a bit of double meaning intended in our unofficial slogan:

“Pronto Marketing: We make your website easy!”

It means Pronto makes the process of obtaining a new website hassle-free for small-business owners. It’s also a bit of a boast about how our in-house team of 100+ online-marketing professionals can build, support, and promote customers’ websites with the greatest of ease.

It all started when Pronto Marketing’s founder, Derek Brown, was at Microsoft where he was responsible for marketing the software behemoth’s Windows Small Business Server.

His customers were mostly companies in the IT space known as managed services providers (MSPs), and he learned firsthand that their biggest challenge was the lack of understanding and time required to execute on a proper website.

So, in 2008, Derek responded to this challenge by starting Pronto and launching an all-inclusive “done-for-you” website service. The purpose was, and still is, to do website design for MSPs that gives them a professional online presence with minimal time expenditure.

Pronto helps companies in a range of industries look professional online, not just MSPs. Lately, we’re being engaged by more and more small businesses looking for help with their marijuana industry websites, which is no surprise considering:

This explosion of job opportunities is indicative of the rapid growth that cannabusinesses are experiencing; and a simple Google search of weed-biz keywords like cannabis industry (173 million results) and marijuana business (231 million results) reveals just how competitive the green rush has become.

Stakeholders from both plant-touching and ancillary marijuana businesses are looking to build websites in abundance: websites for cannabis cultivators, websites for cannabis distributors, websites for cannabis dispensaries, websites for cannabis lawyers, websites for cannabis grow lights, packaging, accessory products… They know that to stand out from their competition, a good website partner is paramount.

The thing that MSPs find most attractive about Pronto applies all the same to marijuana businesses (let us resist the temptation to call them marijuana service providers!). It is the idea of an all-inclusive website service that’s “done-for-you.”

When you partner with Pronto, you’ll barely have to lift a finger beyond providing your company’s brand brief, color scheme, and logo. Then, we’ll design and develop your new WordPress website in house using an industry-leading page builder. And, eight weeks later — after you’ve approved the design prototypes and overall functionality of the website — you’ll be the owner of a brand new online homebase, hosted, maintained, and supported by Pronto.

In other words, thanks to the operational efficiency that we’ve developed over 14 years — and the fact that you won’t have to shepherd a flock of web-design freelancers whilst running your business — Pronto will make your website easy.

Operational efficiency is not just some flimsy buzzword we use to describe how we do things. It’s where we’ve always hung our hat, and it’s why 2,000+ small businesses have chosen Pronto to build their websites and stick with us long term to support their websites.

Dependability, convenience, and value for money are what make done-for-you preferable to do-it-yourself. But in case you find those concepts a bit abstract, let’s get down to brass tacks:

  1. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like during your website-design project.
  2. You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager overseeing everything, always there to guide you on the branding, design, and content for the site.
  3. Your website would likely cost around $10,000 with other vendors or a posse of independent freelancers, but Pronto can get you started for as low as $5,420.

Don’t let the affordability fool you. Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we have all the tools, we have all the specialized personnel, we’re super efficient, and it’s all done in-house. This means low cost and high quality.

More than a thousand MSPs have called on Pronto to make their websites easy for them, as have hundreds of professional services firms, healthcare clinics, manufacturers, gyms and fitness businesses, and many others.

Today, as attitudes and legislation toward marijuana change, the weed biz may be on its way to becoming the next big thing for Pronto Marketing. Do not miss out!

Frequently asked questions

The time required for your Website Build depends on factors such as the amount of content your site requires, the complexity of the features required, and your team’s responsiveness during the project.

But the baseline estimate for our typical $5,000 six designs with fifteen pages Website Build is between 8-10 weeks.

Website Support

The most popular solution for small and mid-sized companies. Includes unlimited website edits, WordPress consultation, and platform maintenance by our team of WordPress experts.

Dedicated Support

Includes all the features of “Website Support,” with a dedicated site manager who will handle all your requests via your own personal task board.

Technical Support

Ideal for our web-savvy customers. Does not include website edits but includes hosting & routine upkeep on our secured Pronto Platform.

Yes, we do. Our link building for SEO will raise your website’s authority and boost search visibility in search engines. Combine that with our Google My Business Management service to optimize and further amplify your business’ local presence by attracting more local prospects to your GMB listing and website.

If instead, your goal is to put your business in front of potential clients when they are looking for the same products and services you offer, our Google Ads Management service is just what you need. This can help you put your message in front of the right people at the right time.

Yes, we can. The same team that handles your initial Website Build will be able to customize pages for promoting your products, services, events, or promotions and for offering visitors free eBooks, videos, and consultations in exchange for their email addresses. 

If your site was not built by Pronto, there may be an additional charge for creating new content.

A lot of WordPress support companies provide only a small part of what it takes to have a successful website, but Pronto isn’t just a WordPress support company. We’re an end-to-end web presence management solution all under one roof.

We have a wide range of specialists with expertise in everything from developing new websites to providing fast and secure hosting to and delivering exceptional, ongoing support.

Or, if you’re looking to expand your online reach, we have marketing experts standing by to help with SEO, online advertising, and content marketing.

And on top of that, we provide access to our custom-built Pronto Dashboard, which gives valuable insights into your site’s traffic and performance.

Gone are the days of coordinating projects across multiple vendors. At Pronto, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your online needs.

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