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Online Computers approached Pronto to help revitalize traffic to their website with regular and coordinated blog writing services also signed up to our SEO link building service
Average Monthly
Website Traffic
Number of
Blog Posts
Percentage of Traffic Drawn from Blog Articles


Online Computers is a New Jersey-based MSP, offering services such as managed IT support and consulting, cloud services, HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and VOIP.

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Inconsistent and Low Website Traffic

Online Computers had an issue of fluctuating, low volume results for website traffic. As well as large variations in the number of website visits from month to month, the longer term trend was one of stagnation and zero growth. With an average number of 148 website visits per month, they turned to Pronto and signed up for both our Blog Writing and SEO Link Building Services in May 2018 to help boost organic traffic and put the data on a stable, upwards trajectory.
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Traffic Trend Before Blogging


Consistent Blogging Based on Organized Content Plan to Boost Organic Traffic

There was a surge in organic traffic only a few months after we started blogging, but Pronto’s Marketing Account Manager decided to aim higher and, working together with Online Computers,  implemented some new strategies to ensure that the blog posts would continue to generate more traffic. In combination with consistent blog posts, Online Computers also signed up for Pronto’s SEO link building service.
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Towards the end of 2018, we started planning Online Computers’ blog content strategy by clustering related topics. We knew that targeting specific keywords with a cluster of related blogs instead of with individual blog posts helps more pages to rank on Google Search.  The Pronto team planned a topic cluster or content tree for them, where a group of related blog topics all link to a central, more comprehensive pillar article. We published our first pillar articles for Online Computers in late 2019, and by the second quarter of 2020, their blog traffic started increasing rapidly.
The Outcome

Huge Increase in Website Visits by Combining Blogging and Link Building

Very soon after we published the first pillar post, we saw a significant upturn in traffic to the website, with a rapidly increasing number of sessions coming from Online Computers’ regular blog posts.

online computer blog traffic after publishing pillar articles

Blog Traffic After Publishing Pillar Articles

Traffic continued to rise through to 2021 with an average of 535 organic sessions per month, an increase of almost 250%, with 55% of this traffic coming through blogs, up from zero in 2017.

online computer avg monthly traffic
Percentage share of blog traffic Year on Year
Year Total Site Traffic Total Blog Traffic % Blog Traffic
2017 1770 0 NA
2018 2303 73 3.17%
2019 2359 193 8.18%
2020 6082 1581 25.99%
2021 6414 2987 46.57%
2022 (July) 3574 1951 54.59%
This rise in traffic, coupled with a link-building strategy, saw a big jump in Online Computers’ domain rating, a key SEO metric measuring the reputation and trustworthiness of a website.
online computer domain rating

Online Computers’ Domain Rating

Paulo is amazing. We've been working together for a while now! He answers all of my questions in a timely fashion, explains things thoroughly, and keeps me updated on everything!!

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Victoria Bartolomeo
Marketing Specialist,
Online Computers

Before signing up for Pronto’s Blog Writing Services, Online Computers had stagnant results for their web traffic. With a clear content plan and a new structure of well-researched clustered posts, the IT firm’s web traffic has reached unprecedented levels and continues to go from strength to strength.

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