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6 Reasons AdWords Is a Great Investment for Small Businesses

From major brands to your local competitors, everyone seems to be running AdWords campaigns these days. Indeed, some large corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars per year on AdWords paying as much as $40 per click! But this doesn't mean running your own campaign is out of reach or out of your budget. If managed correctly, AdWords can be just as successful for small businesses as it is for big companies.

Here are 6 reasons why AdWords can be effective for SMBs:

1. AdWords is easy to measure

When compared to traditional marketing, online channels are much easier to measure and evaluate the data and impact. And within online marketing, AdWords is one of the easiest of all to measure. You can analyze anything from the entire sales funnel to how many times your ad was viewed. It is also easy to find how many people clicked on your ad and how many people converted to leads or customers.

2. AdWords is easy to scale

Building a successful campaign can take quite a bit of work and fine tuning, but once you've mixed all the right ingredients together and have a profitable campaign, AdWords allows you to open up the throttle and go for it - giving you more traffic and more leads!

3. AdWords is instant

An organic SEO strategy with on-site optimization and link building can take months before you start seeing a return on your investment while AdWords allows you to get up and running very quickly. As soon as your account is created and your ads are approved, they’ll start displaying in search results and your site will start receiving traffic.

Pay-per-click campaigns can also provide you with vital data that can be used to plan your organic SEO campaigns. With AdWords, you’ll quickly know which keywords are able to drive the most traffic and which drive the most conversions. This will let you know what you should strive to rank for in the organic results.

4. AdWords is agile

With all this data coming in so quickly, you can spot flaws in your campaigns right away and make adjustments to improve results. AdWords allows you to constantly be testing and tweaking. Changing a headline here or a call to action there might result in more clicks and more conversions. Test -> gather data -> analyze results -> adjust campaign -> rinse, repeat.

5. Ads continue to take up more space in search results

Over 80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements and those placements can cover as much as 85% of the space above the fold on the results page. The truth is that Google needs to make money and AdWords makes up the vast majority of its income.

And with mobile search on the rise, Google is looking for even more ways to make money from its advertisements.

This doesn't mean that Google will one day get rid of the organic results completely, but it does mean that if you’re not running an AdWords campaign, you’re potentially losing out to any competitors who are.

6. AdWords lets you target keywords that are usually out of reach

Sometimes there are keywords that are crucial to your online success, but a much larger player in your industry already has those keywords locked down in the organic results. AdWords allows you to appear in the search results for keywords that would be impossible for you to rank for organically.

AdWords is a fantastic strategy that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of, but like all marketing strategies it works best when used in conjunction with your other tactics. It’s a channel that allows you to appear in front of your potential clients right when they’re online looking for your services.

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