Automate Your Online Business With InfusedWoo – The Powerful WooCommerce + Infusionsoft Plugin


Running a modern-day, online business can get a bit complicated. You have to use all these different types of software to perform tasks necessary for growing and retaining your customer base.

You have to use WordPress for managing your site, install a plugin to set up a payments system, integrate it with an automation tool to collect and analyze data.

And even when you set it all up, you have to keep a constant eye on how things are going. You have to remember to send emails to new prospects, get in touch with people who abandon their carts, and figure out through different sets of data how you can increase your conversions and capture more leads.

That’s a lot of time spent doing the same repetitive tasks. That’s a lot of time wasted.

There really has to be a better way. And thankfully, there is.

It’s called InfusedWoo, a powerful integrated plugin to manage and automate your online business, making it possible for your business to run itself even while you sleep.

The genius of this service lies in the fact that it integrates two services — Infusionsoft and Woocommerce — into one easy-to-use plugin.

This makes it into an all-in-one solution that can automate everything from marketing campaigns to payments processing according to your exact needs.

But enough with the general overview. Let’s start discussing exactly how InfusedWoo (Infusionsoft + Woocommerce) can help you with your sales and marketing activities, grow your business, and help you save the most precious resources of all: time and money.

The Benefit of Woocommerce As A Platform

Hundreds of thousands of online businesses around the world use Woocommerce as their desired choice for a high-quality, modern marketplace.

The biggest reason for its popularity is that with Woocommerce, setting up an online store is extremely easy. This is because it works in conjunction with WordPress, the world’s most popular way to build websites.

Second of all, since there are so many people using the open-source Woocommerce platform, it is highly supported. Many people help others learn the platform and resolve issues.

Another big advantage of using Woocommerce is that it allows you to sell practically anything. For example, as an IT Service Provider, there might come a time when you want to offer Hardware as a Service or simply sell refurbished servers and computers.

Or in addition to your products, you might want to work as a consultant and charge for your expertise. Woocommerce allows you to do that. You can sell everything from real products to digital subscriptions and even your time!

And the flexibility of the platform in terms of the growth of your business is amazing. It is extremely scalable in regard to your site’s traffic. So no matter whether it’s ten transactions per minute or ten thousand, Woocommerce will handle it all!

And finally, Woocommerce is mobile-friendly. This is a big deal because in 2017 and beyond, people will continue to use the internet more from their mobile devices than any other, including PCs and tablets. Plus the code on which Woocommerce runs has long been recognized to be secure and in accordance to WordPress best practices.

This makes it an ideal platform for you to run and manage your online store or business.

The Benefit of Infusionsoft As A Marketing Solution

As far as setting up and running your store is concerned, Woocommerce is a great solution.

But that’s just part of the story.

Another equally important part of your business are your customers. How you treat them matters. Will you make them feel special and important? Or will you make them feel as though they are “just another person” visiting your store?

How are you going to take care of them all? How are you going to make them feel special, loved and important without spending too much time writing emails to them yourself or hiring someone to do that for you?

We understand, managing so many customers and responding to their urgent requests on time can be hard. You can’t write personal emails to each and every customer you do business with. You can’t review everyone’s activity as to what they’re doing and craft the perfect response.

This is where Infusionsoft comes in.

With it, you can automate many marketing and sales tasks you otherwise would never have been able to do yourself.

Did a customer abandon their cart? Automate the task and create a campaign that sends them an email with a discount code all while you sleep!

Did a customer seem interested in one of the services you offer and lingered on the page more than necessary but didn’t buy? Take advantage of these buying signals tracked by Infusionsoft and send them a promotional email to persuade them to sign up.

Did a customer buy a generous amount of items from your shop and gave you a major sale? Automate the task and send them a personal thank you email of your choice to make sure they feel appreciated.

All this is possible with Infusionsoft.

Plus, practically all marketing-related tasks can be done within this service alone.

You can create landing pages to capture emails; write down specific email campaigns that get triggered based on what action, purchase, or click your customer makes on your Woocommerce store; and much more.

InfusedWoo: The One Integration To Rule Them All

Now that the benefits of both Woocommerce and Infusionsoft are clear, the next logical step was integrating them into one easy-to-use plugin that integrates with your existing store.

This means that instead of using two different systems, you basically get to reap the benefits of both of them under one extension, making it easy for you to integrate Woocommerce with Infusionsoft so that data on your customer activity and other important information can be gathered instantly and with precise accuracy.

You get to do everything from Campaign Builders to Payment Gateway in one place. And new features are being added constantly, further tightening the integration between these two incredible services and allowing things like transferring products, integrating Woocommerce products with Infusionsoft campaigns, and so much more.

So if you are looking for an all-in-one product management and CRM solution in one simple package, look no further than InfusedWoo, the plugin that lets you create beautiful stores with Woocommerce and automate it with Infusionsoft, all in one place!


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