Updating a Fitness Center’s Class Reservation Page in Just One Day

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Rascals Fitness is a locally-owned gym that’s been in business since 2008. The gym offers an array of easy-to-use, high-quality equipment with Fitness Programs such as Group Cross Training, Personal Training, and Senior Fitness.

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The Project: Updating the Class Reservation Page

Rascals Fitness has a schedule of classes that they offer at their gym that needs to be updated on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, they send their new class schedule to Pronto and it needs to be updated as a priority, in time for the beginning of the next calendar month.

The client requested that their class reservation schedule page be updated for April. 

The Page Update Request 

An email to the Pronto Support team got the project started:

Please update the attached to all links and pages ASAP and please make sure the reservations work. Thank you.”

Project Breakdown: A New Reservation Page Updated in A Day

The Pronto Website Support team went straight to work on the project, going about the task in a four step process.

  1. Organizing the Schedule in a Spreadsheet

The client sent a PDF file to Pronto and we formatted it into spreadsheet to organize the information required for the new class schedule.


The New Class Schedule sent to Pronto

  1. Configuring the number of slots for each class

The team set about updating the reservation forms and class tables, making sure that each class had 8 reservation slots.

  1. Format notification emails

The next step was to check the format of the emails that would be sent to users who made a booking on the page, ensuring that there would be no problems with members making online reservations.

  1. Update class schedule links

   The last step was to update the class schedule links that are placed on multiple pages on the website.

Project Outcome and Next Steps

From start to finish, the project took just one business day, and the client was able to transition seamlessly to their new schedule. 

chart, table, treemap chart

chart, treemap chart


The New Class Schedule and Reservation Page for the Client’s website

Rascals Fitness has been a client of Pronto’s since 2013, and since the schedules are updated on a monthly basis, the support team have experience in dealing with the client’s regular requests. This allowed both the Pronto Support Team and Rascals Fitness to work together quickly and get the work done smoothly and efficiently.

Pronto has experience not only with Rascals, but also with a number of gyms, fitness centers and studios, which means that we know what we are doing when it comes to building and maintaining a first-class fitness website

Beyond the health and fitness industry, if you have a business that involves direct bookings and transactions with clients, then you can leverage Pronto’s eCommerce Website Development expertise to help your online business reach its full potential. 

Pronto’s WordPress Support team can help you create your own reservation pages, or complete any other website edits or projects you have in mind — all for one monthly fee! 

Request a free consultation, or if you’re already a client – submit your support request here



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