While Email marketing may seem like a prehistoric skeleton in a museum or even that last piece of broccoli on your dinner plate, you’ve got to hand it to them – email marketing has withstood the test of time.

Through its ups and downs, it’s still around so there’s gotta be something that they’re doing right. And to be honest, email marketing doesn’t always need to feel outdated; it isn’t as bad as what most people think. As a matter of fact, it’s a highly adaptive and stable platform of communication.Some people even suggest that email marketing and email in general will be around for another 10 years.

With that in mind, why not take a closer look at what email marketing has to offer as well as what might lie ahead in the future for email marketing.

Contextual Data

With today’s technology, an increasing amount of people are adopting for devices that are more advanced and connected than ever before. People have the ability to access the internet from anywhere in the world. In another sense, business owners have an abundance of information which can be used to there advantage. Time zones, location, weather, events, behavior are only to name a few that can be used to develop the perfect campaign.

Real Time Performance

Have you ever heard the chant “When do you want it? NOW?” That’s basically the gist of what is to come for the future of email and email marketing. The idea of slow response rates are in the past and now it’s all about speed. Predictions have been made that email marketing will become more real-time. This means the response and consumption rate will also change which will lead to shorter, less complicated email campaigns.

Interactive Email

Interactive Email is a new possibility that will go far beyond GIFs to actual animations, which breaches the line between stagnant text on a page versus engaging emails. Beautifully rendered graphics, designs, and messages which really pop out of the screen as well as animation and interactive content can really give email marketing campaigns a fresh and edgy new look.

Lots of well-known brands are already on their way toward more engaging and interactive connections with customers. This heightens the brand experience exponentially, promotes more engagement, creates better conversion rates and builds a shared experience between brand and potential customer. This also has a powerful psychological impact which influences buyer choices greatly.

Predictive marketing

Personalizing every single email that you send out sounds insane right? Not anymore! This is where automation and machine learning algorithms come into play. We now have the technology where each individual email is tweaked to suit the receiver through mounds of data.

How does it work? Customer information is collected through interactions with email, website usage and profiles and then sieved into categories. This data can then be used to figure out and suggest what the best product, or service matches this type of customer and personalized email can be sent which gives customers relevant content so that they will be less likely to turn a blind eye.

Marketing will always adapt according to the environment of the customer. This is because the environment around the customer affects how information will be viewed and recalled. Ten years from now, email will likely be just as much an influencer as it is today.

What’s more, by adapting to new technology and forming greater understanding of the customer, the email of tomorrow will be more powerful than ever in its mission to attain sustainable company growth and conversion rates.


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