How newsworthy are your email newsletters?


Email newsletter is a set of information about your business by way of email to your potential and existing customer base. Some of the important information contained in the email newsletter includes product or service information, reminding your customers about your products or services, as well as your business’s goals and accomplishments.

Email newsletter can be sent on multiple times or just once. Additionally, the newsletter can be auto-responsive, which means they are sent out after subscription or they can also be sent when a potential client clicks on a specific link. It is therefore vital to learn important facts on delivering impressive newsletter to your target audience. Below are various tips that will enable any business in any industry to come up with a helpful email newsletter and they include:

Define your Target Audience

The first thing the business owner or manager should consider is the recipients or the readers of their newsletter. Does the target audience focus more on the company or product information? Are they more interested on offers? Understanding the audience preferences and interests is very important when coming up with a successful email newsletter.

Customize your Email Newsletter

Personalize your email newsletter on the specific topic that you wish to inform your target audience. Customizing your email newsletter will help you in creating brief and short email newsletter that is easy and quick to read. The audience will also read and decipher the message that they are required to receive from the email.

Create an Email Newsletter that is 90% Educational and 10% Promotional

It is important to ensure that the content on the email newsletter is 90% educational and 10% promotional. You should focus more on the goal of newsletter than on promoting your business. Additionally, when you focus more on educating your audience, they are more likely to read and be triggered to make purchase. On the other hand, when you focus more on marketing your business in the email newsletter will make your audience to lose interest in your content

Be Creative with the Email Newsletter

Creative email newsletter attracts more readers than dull ones which are viewed as boring by the audiences. It is especially important to be creative with the email subject line which is usually the first thing that the target audience will see once they receive the email. Such a subject line can be Biggest Offer on The Market Ever; this subject line is not only creative but also lures the audience to read about the offer.

Make the Email Newsletter Short and Frequently Updated

It is important to keep your email newsletter as short as possible for the audience to read it with ease. You should also update your email newsletter on regular basis like after every two weeks or monthly and ensure that the information is fascinating. You can also plan and schedule on when your audience should receive your email.

Ensure that your Newsletter is Concise

It is important to keep your email newsletter concise and to the point. The message of the newsletter is usually very important and you should ensure that your email is brief and clear. Avoid writing too much irrelevant information on the newsletter to ensure the readers get the message that you require them to get. The message can be about the introduction of the new product or service, the objective of the company or the new offers that are available.

Keep the Design Simple and Easy

Avoid complicating the designs or using too much designing techniques. It will not only confuse the readers but it can also make the reader miss the most important information. Always make sure that the white space in the design is large enough and conspicuous to the eyes of the readers. This will not only make it easier to click on the link on a mobile platform but will also make it more accessible while reading. The copy of the newsletter should be concise as well to match with the simple design and make the newsletter more readable.

Proofread the Copy of your Email Newsletter before Sending to the Target Audience

Always read the copy of your newsletter before sending it out to your readers to ensure that the message is clear and free from grammatical errors. An email newsletter that has correct grammar and that is easily understood tends to attract a lot of readers. It is therefore important to proofread the newsletter and even ask your assistants to check it for you and comment from the reader’s perspective.

Make sure the images have Alt Text

It is always important to have visual images in your marketing content and email newsletter is no exception. However, whenever you include the images in your email newsletter always ensure that they have alt text. That is because the images are not always enabled when the people open your email newsletter but with the alt text, your newsletter recipients will be able to see alternate text and click on it even when the images are not loaded. This is especially vital when your newsletter have CTAs images.

Pick One Primary Call-to-Action

In your email newsletter, you should ensure that there is only one primary call-to-action which can is to purchase the product or service. The most appropriate way to separate the primary call-to-action from other calls-to-action options is by use of words such as ‘in case you find time’ or ‘check this out in your free time’. It is also important to guide your audience in a simple procedure so as to ensure they easily do what you require them to do or achieve.

They are several benefits of sending email newsletter and among them include constant interaction between the business and their clients. This will not only keep the customers updated but also enable you to follow up on your clients’ interests and preferences. Newsletter also acts as marketing tools for your business information in a least expensive way and they are better form to retain your customers. Newsletters are also a great way to show your prowess and expertise in your industry and separate your business from the rest by showing brilliant understanding.


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