Maximize your email campaigns with landing pages

A landing page is a page that a user lands on when they click on a hyperlink. It makes it possible for you to keep your email copy to a minimum and lead browsers to another page where they can get more information and action options such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, booking a service or other action.

How to get the most out of your landing pages

If your website is not in the 22% that are happy with their conversion rates, then you need to take a second look at your landing pages and make them work for you.

One action you need to take is to make them work with your email campaigns. The landing page should be created to work towards completion of the specific action you want a user to take. For instance, let's say the goal is to get users interested in learning the history of a product. An effective way to do this is to have a call to action button which may read 'Learn More' or 'See how it was made'. When a user clicks on this action, they should be taken to a specific landing page that highlights the history of a product.

The difference a landing page makes and why they are so important:

1) They keep a user focused
When a user clicks to see an offer, learn more about a product, make a purchase or complete another desired action, the landing page should keep them focused on completing it. Without a specific landing page, a user is less likely to follow through with the action.

There will most likely be other images, links and tabs on your homepage. They are important but they can distract a user from completing the action they are being urged to take in the email. A landing page cuts through the clutter and lets users complete an action without getting sidetracked or confused.

2) They add weight to an email
A landing page will also work as a thread of continuity between an email and the action a user is being urged to complete. The two should have similar features like the same text and design so that a connection is easily made. Making marketing emails with effective CTA's that will get a response.

Keep the following in mind as you create marketing emails with a call to action (CTA);

  • Match the messages
    The email and landing page should match. For instance, if the email is about a special offer on a product, the landing page should take a user to a landing page where they can access the offer.
  • Match the look
    The email and landing page should have a similar look in terms of font, colors and design in general. When a user goes to the landing page from the email, they should be able to relate the two visually.
  • Keep it simple
    Don't overload your landing page with too much text or images. Keep it simple and use just enough text and just one image to lead a subscriber from the email to the landing page.
  • Lead the subscriber to the finish
    Use the email and landing page to hold a subscriber's hand and lead them to completing the desired action. If you want them to sign up for a free trial period, talk about the benefits of the offer such as being able to cancel before the trial period expires if they choose to. Talk about the benefits of the product too. This could be what makes a subscriber choose to convert.
  • Single call to action
    Put one call to action on your landing page and leave it at that. Otherwise, you will defeat one of the purposes of a landing page, which is to keep a subscriber focused so that they complete a desired action. Also, make your call to action button stand out such as with larger font, flashing or a different color.
  • Make it fast
    Make it fast and easy for the desired action to be completed with a short form. A lengthy form can put off a subscriber. Research done by Ubounce has established that a form that has three fields has a 25% conversion rate with the rate decreasing as more fields are added.

The proof is in the numbers

The following statistics published on KnownHost demonstrate how important a landing page is for increasing conversations;

  • Dell increased conversions to 300% with their landing pages that number over 1,000. This was determined in tests that compared their landing pages with their website pages.
  • Marian University tested a number of landing pages that were radically different, which increased their conversion rate to 264%.
  • Axway increased their ROI by an impressive 291% and also saved $100,000 each year by employing the strategy of customized landing pages and testing every PPC ad group with content that had keywords that were dynamically generated.

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