Valuable ways to increase your click to conversion rate


Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a way to advertise your goods to consumers who are already aware of them. It aims is to increase their interest in underperforming products. Retargeting does not drive consumers without any idea about your goods to the site, but it does help you optimize the conversion of people interested in your products to buying them. There are several ways to optimize your retargeting returns on investment. The following tips will help:

Exclude some websites

Some sites just do not match your brand. You should blacklist them from your campaign to ensure only highly performing websites are used.

Call to action

A call to action tries to convince consumers to purchase your products after describing them. You can use terms like ‘purchase now’ or ‘book now’ while the stock lasts. This will draw the customers’ attention to click on the ad, potentially leading to a purchase.

Choose the ads network wisely

The type of system you use should fit well within your budget. To increase your ROI, use a system you can afford to pay without incurring any losses.

Exclude your IP address

That way, you can segment your audience and blacklist certain ad networks. Excluding your IP address ensures that your retargeting campaign is displayed only for your audience (not your colleagues) to see. You can hide some personal information like the location of your business. This is because the machine learning algorithm adds some payment on every person who logs into your website, including your colleagues. This will lead to incorrect information about the number of prospects who logged into your site since your workmates are not prospective buyers.

Track ROI

Every online investor should have a device that calculates ROI — after all, the goal of every investor is to increase returns. Retargeting is done with the goal of maximizing ROI, and a code with the exact amount invested isn’t alway provided.

Increase the landing pages

This tip largely depends on how creative you’re willing to go. For example, you can make a page that has a thanking message for the viewers who click on your page. This ad draws in their attention, and after clicking on the page, they could find another one that directs them to goods they might have forgotten to view. The more clicks they make may convert them to buyers, eventually increasing returns.

Avoid too many ads for the same users

If a user is hounded with ads within a short period, it could make them feel as if a product is being forced upon them. This does not create the right image for you. It would be better to use a maximum of 12 ads per month. You can achieve this by using different creative and frequency caps which reduces the target audience’s banner fatigue.

Be patient

Patience is vital when it comes to online marketers. You should not pull out the ads before giving it time to bear fruits. Most investors expect their pages to have many consumers reacting to them immediately after they’re created, but a little more patience is required to ensure retargeting success. You should give your pages several days or weeks before judging their performance and making decisions on the next move. It may take a longer time before the prospects change from clicks to conversions. That’s why you need to test every aspect — including landing pages, creative variations, and ad sequencing — to see where the problem lies.

Use different sizes of ads

Generating ad creatives of different sizes will increase the number of viewers. The prospects can then see your ads in almost every site they visit.

Retargeting helps to convert window shoppers into actual buyers. Following the right steps will ensure an increase in both your ROI and your customer base.


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