[Case Study] How Wheel & Anchor Went From No Signups to Getting Many Leads


The struggles that many small businesses encounter when entering a competitive marketplace is capturing quality leads and visitors to their website. A product or service can sound promising and enticing to a niche market at the start, but as time progresses, optimism can slowly chip away, and a question now pops-up: “Why is my website not generating traffic and leads?” It’s disheartening when you make several attempts to make your site look topnotch to pull in more visitors, but still, your pipeline remains dry.

In 2018, Wheel & Anchor (W&A) was experiencing the same problem. After a year in business, the co-founder came to a realization. Regardless of what the company was doing to make their site perform great, including fixing time-consuming technical issues, increasing revenue through lead conversions remained a hurdle. 

So in the same year, W&A partnered with Pronto Marketing. This alliance resulted in a significant increase in W&A’s web traffic and lead conversions in 2019 because of our Website Management Services. Before we explore the problem, the results, and so on, let’s learn about W&A.

What Wheel & Anchor Brings to the Table

W&A is a small travel agency that specializes in international group tours. Since 2017, the company has united mostly retired people to share stories, build friendships, and expand their community of like-minded individuals through epic journeys abroad. Their tailor-made worldwide tour packages give senior Canadian citizens the option to explore countries in Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. However, despite the enticing tours, their target audience was not signing up for the W&A newsletter. Why was this important?

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A Problem That Wouldn’t Go Away

The newsletter signup form, which is W&A’s bread and butter to get leads, didn’t function properly on their website. Whenever W&A’s co-founder made an update to the site, a problem would occur, causing the newsletter form to stop working. With five employees and a lack of website management experience, W&A was spending a chunk of time fixing technical issues instead of getting leads. 

“I was in a state of crisis. With my old website, the signup form would always stop working. Trying to figure out what was broken wasn’t helping my business grow.” Joel Curry, Co-founder of Wheel & Anchor

Starting a New Chapter 

In 2018, W&A reached out to Pronto for help. The company was happy that Pronto designed an eye-catching website, fixed the malfunctions that affected newsletter signups, and managed the site 24/5. Pronto also handled the advertising campaigns (Facebook Ads), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and Custom Blogging for W&A. The co-founder was confident that Pronto’s synergized efforts would benefit his business in the long-term.

“The combination of the managed website and marketing services run by the same company is why I chose Pronto.” – Joel Curry, Co-founder of Wheel & Anchor

The Marketing Plan to Get Things Up and Running

Pronto’s plan involved implementing the following marketing campaigns to increase email signups for W&A’s newsletter form:

  1. Facebook Advertising: Monthly campaigns pushed FB users to join the newsletter. Also, Pronto created a web page that redirects users to the newsletter signup form whenever someone clicks a Facebook Ad by W&A.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Search team conducted a site audit, did keyword research, applied optimized keywords on their web pages, and managed backlinks to rank on Google’s first page over time.
  3. Blogging: Pronto produced four tailor-made articles a month, focusing on travel tips to grow web traffic and position W&A higher on Google search results.

W&A and Pronto collaborated closely to ensure that the website, along with the marketing and advertising services, aligned with the company’s needs.

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Positive Results

W&A was thrilled because their lead conversions went from nothing to a full plate after their website and marketing went live.

“We got an immediate increase in our newsletter signups. Our email list quadrupled since we launched the new website with Pronto in September 2018.” Joel Curry, Co-founder of Wheel & Anchor

Pronto’s advertising (Facebook Ads) and marketing (SEO and Blogging) also made a positive impact on the business.

Facebook Ads

As shown in exhibit one, W&A’s email signups spiked when Pronto began executing newsletter campaigns on Facebook in November 2018. Website Management Services Exhibit 1: Newsletter signups from Facebook Ads

SEO and Blogging

As illustrated in exhibit two, Pronto’s SEO and Blogging services helped achieve newsletter signups from organic traffic after the website launched in September 2018. Website Management Services Exhibit 2: Newsletter signups from SEO and Blogging

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Pronto Analytics

Pronto Analytics (it’s like Google Analytics but easier to use) is a platform our customers get with their managed website service. The data shows W&A is in the right growth path.

Before Joining Pronto

Exhibit three indicates W&A’s web traffic from September 1, 2017, to September 1, 2018.  Website Management Services Exhibit 3: Website traffic before joining Pronto

After Joining Pronto

Exhibit 4 depicts W&A’s web traffic from September 15, 2018, to September 15, 2019. Overall, website traffic spiked at 82,000 (526% increase), and organic traffic grew to 15,400 (925% increase) compared to the previous year.  Website Management Services Exhibit 4: Website traffic after joining Pronto

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Google Analytics

Pronto monitored the performance metrics on Google Analytics to determine what marketing strategies were working and to revisit the ones that weren’t driving traffic and signups. From our analysis, W&A achieved significant gains in 2019 compared to 2018:

  • Pageviews: 81% increase (2019)
  • Website traffic: 81% increase (2019)
  • Blog traffic: 104% increase (2019)
  • Organic (SEO) traffic: 201% increase (2019)
  • Paid search (Facebook Ads): 328% increase (2019)

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A Fresh Website

The icing on the cake is their new design.

Website Management Services

“People compliment us on our website all the time.”  Joel Curry, Co-founder of Wheel & Anchor

Website Management Services


Wheel & Anchor’s successful partnership with Pronto Marketing proves that having a managed website and engaging in marketing services (Facebook Ads, SEO, and Blogging) are critical in driving traffic and leads to the site. W&A’s web presence grew, and the company doesn’t struggle anymore to get quality leads. Today, W&A continues to work with us. For W&A’s co-founder, there’s peace of mind knowing that Pronto will always have his company’s back.

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