SEO-Optimized IT Website to Target Multiple Cities in the UK


CloudCoCo is a UK nationwide IT Managed Services provider operating in over 20 markets. From its headquarters in Leeds, the four-year MSP offers an array of services including IT support and cyber security solutions.

Optimized Location Pages to Rank in Multiple Locations

To help CloudCoCo reach their marketing goals, our production team built 21 service area pages that are optimized for SEO and designed to help improve their organic Google rankings.

The Pronto team was able to build our website as a means to target multiple markets across the UK, an instrumental step in CloudCoCo becoming a national-wide service provider."

Peter Nailer
Head of Marketing

Presenting an Engaging Services Pitch with a Video Banner

Our developers added a video banner above the fold to give site visitors a quick overview of CloudCoCo’s core services. By doing so, we ensured that prospects across all service locations see an inspiring and informative pitch before reaching for the mouse.

With so many services and service locations, we appreciated Pronto’s ability to put our best foot forward on our homepage. We are confident that our site visitors, no matter where they reside, are getting a great first impression."

Peter Nailer
Head of Marketing

Inspiring Trust with Live Customer Feedback

With Simplesat, a live testimonial ticker, CloudCoCo can easily gather customer feedback and display it on their site in real-time. The UK-based MSP can now build trust with visitors and show them that they’re an experienced and reliable service provider.
CloudCoCo approached Pronto with an ambitious task to build a website that was able to target new business in 21 markets across the UK. Our production team built SEO-optimized locations pages along with an inspiring and feature-rich homepage that speaks to prospects across all service locations.
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