5 Reasons Your Website is So Slow


Lightning quick sites are vital to online success—and impact your bottom line. After all, when people bounce (aka leave your site), you likely lose a customer or transaction.

Studies show that nearly half your visitors expect your site to load within 2 seconds and that a mere 1-second delay in page response can reduce conversions by 7%. Google engineers have found that even an eyeblink—about 400 milliseconds—is enough to make a difference.

Ensure your site is equipped to win users over quickly. To get your website running smoothly and loading fast, consider whether your site has the following:

1. Too much code

Glutted code is a deal breaker when it comes to page load speeds. With a little finesse, your site can pick up the pace.

If you streamline code on your own, you can delve into the following resources (or point a developer in these directions), depending on your needs:

2. Too many (big) images

We all want big impact. But you don’t need to overdo big images to get that
wow factor. Step back and evaluate how you can trim the fat weighing down your site.

  • Limit the number of images.
  • Find a photo pro who can create the best-looking image for the smallest file size.
  • Consider using SVGs (scalable vector graphics—more on that at CSS-Tricks) when you’re going for big graphics instead of big photos.

3. Too much Flash

Although Flash is now often seen as an outmoded annoyance that Apple mobile
products don’t support, it’s still around. Before you decide to stick with Flash instead of changing course, consider alternate approaches to lighten your site:

4. Too much embedded media

We’re talking about big YouTube videos and more. Before embedding every cool thing your heart desires, consider (at least) the following:

  • Would a button that brings the visitor to the YouTube link itself be just as effective? (Make sure to select an option to “open link in new tab”!)
  • Can an HTML5 whiz whip up a neat full-screen background video instead?

5. Too much fancy fluff & stuff

You know, all the extra toolbars, trust seals, social buttons… they’re all so tempting. However, it’s imperative that you determine what you actually need.

Do an audit of your site for usability. Check that you’re driving your visitors down the funnels you intend on. Utilize tools like CrazyEgg’s heatmap to discover which extras are actually effective. Recruit an expert to optimize your site for conversion.

How we can help improve your site speed:

While you can take on streamlining code, experimenting with new technology, and conversion optimization on your own, the Pronto team provides the know-how, creativity, and efficiency to get your site on the right track.

On top of that, our infrastructure is built for speed with website files being sent through our Content Delivery Network with server nodes placed around the world.

Learn more about what we can do to build you a faster website.


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