9 Tips for a better About Us page


Your About Us page is the page on your website that gets the highest number of visitors or close. At least it should be, since it is a “make or break” page for a website. Providers like Google and ClickBank, do recognize the value of having a killer About Us page for customers and visitors to run effective Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliate campaigns.

Taking the following into account when creating your About Us page will encourage visitors to click through to your other pages and complete the desired action of buying, subscribing to a newsletter, or other action.

1) Put your audience first

Ideally, what you are selling is based on a gap you have seen in the market. This should make it easy to make your About Us page about your customer; talk about the value of what you are selling in sorting out a problem or challenge, meeting a need or otherwise making a real difference in their lives. Lifting Blog Tyrant has nailed their About Us page with a video entitled ‘About Me and You’ which is split into ‘About Me’ and ‘About You’ pages.

Be customer-oriented by having an opening sentence that talks about the challenge, dilemma, or problem you are providing a solution for. Then, state the facts about the solution you offer and touch on why you are the best solution provider. Give facts and statistics which are irrefutable such as your sales per week, month or the total number of sales you have made since you started.

2) Let your customers do the talking

Customer testimonials convince other consumers more than an ad or anything a business can say about itself. Use authentic customer testimonials with the full name and relevant details for credibility. If possible, include photos of your customers using the product or holding it. There are legitimate ways to source for customer testimonials. Also, include awards and accreditations you have been given by customers, industry associations, or leading review websites.

3) Mix it up

Your About Us page should have a design that makes it be a visual and audio feast that captures the imagination of your visitors. Use photos, videos, info-graphics and timelines. Just ensure the design is tastefully done so that every element stands out on its own and you don’t have a messy page. Well know website like Moz has done a good job of this.

4) Tell your story

Bring out the human side of your business to your audience. If you are in pharmaceuticals, you can talk about changing lives with the solutions and cures you come up. If you sell furniture or household appliances and products, talk about how you make a house a home that is a haven to get back to at the end of every day. If you have been in business for a long time, document your journey with photos and a timeline, building up to the modern store or business you are today. See how ITS has nailed this.

5) Give your address and contact details

There are those who are still wary of buying online. Telling them where you are and how they can reach you takes away their doubt. Keep your “Contact us” details updated; an email address or telephone number that doesn’t work is sure to raise alarm bells. Include your social media handles in your “Contact us” section.

6) Get to the point

Avoid jargon and keep the language straight. Your About Us is for your customers and not yourself, so talk to them in a language they will understand. You also want to write in an easy, conversational way that makes a reader feel that you are friendly and accessible.

7) Ask around

Before you put it out there, ask your friends, colleagues, friends and perhaps even one or two clients what they think about your About Us page. Seek objective opinions and you may see your brand, and the way you present it, in a way you hadn’t before. Ensure the focus is on your unique selling points.

8) Be accurate

Don’t exaggerate or lie; just bring out the best about your business in a way that is honest and accurate. You also want to have a common theme throughout your website, such as with chosen colors and font that visitors identity with your brand.

9) Try it

When your About Us page goes live, put in on ‘probation’. Be open to tweaking it to improve the visual effect and text as you look at analytics for bounce rates, traffic volumes and visit duration. You also want to ensure this page can be seen on all devices.

Getting it right

There is no formula for creating a viable About Us page but incorporating all of the above factors will get you one that works well. Take a look at the Macmillan About Us page, which has each of these elements.


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