Content marketing has always been crucial, but with social media, it gives you a new avenue. It is critical to be able to connect with people online because that is where almost all potential consumers lie. They are able to view messages, share messages, and interact with brands more effectively than ever before.

Why Social Media Matters

You need to be where the people are. Facebook is a great launching pad because there is a potential for a diverse audience – and various tools to make a difference. User engagement is possible with the content that is posted. With a few buttons, you have the ability to invite people to like your business page and boost your overall visibility.

It’s not just Facebook, either. Content marketing can be promoted across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the list goes on and on. Each one has a different demographic and can allow you to engage users in different ways. You can tweak your content based upon the social tool you are using and how you want to interact with the target audience.

Recent Trends

Staying up on the latest trends is one of the most important things you need to do when you decide you want to start marketing content in social media. There has been a considerable shift towards mobile devices. More people are interacting with apps on their smartphone or tablet than they are sitting down at their laptop or desktop. This means you have to make sure all content is mobile friendly – and that your website is mobile friendly as well to ensure people can move from one area to another without flaw.

Facebook will continue to dominate, but the audience is a little older. Some of the younger demographics are moving into Instagram and SnapChat, so this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a platform to focus on.

Content quality is soaring, too. People want videos over text and they want to make sure the content is good – so you have to be cautious about what you are publishing online.

Driving traffic through content

Ultimately, you want to establish content marketing campaigns that are going to be effective. There are some strategies that can be used to push into new audiences and ensure that you are getting the desired level of interaction.

  • Add Social Media Buttons: These are a great way to make sure people take the content you have and bring it into social media, such as being able to share it on Facebook or tweet the link on Twitter.
  • Don’t Generalize: Stay up on current events and address something that is going on right now, with a twist towards your brand. This will help to establish more relevance and urgency.
  • Reward readers: Encourage readers to share content by giving them entries into a contest.
  • Share on your pages: You can use the share buttons on blog posts to share on your own social media, and it can be the way to encourage others to do the same and share while in that media outlet.
  • Be creative: Don’t go the same route as everyone else. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Quality content wins: The better your content, the better your campaign is going to do. After all, people don’t want to share poorly written content (or images or videos that leave little to be desired).

What can you track

There are a ton of different tools to help you reach your goals. Analytics are provided behind the scenes on all that you do. You have the chance to look at the number of views, the number of engagements, and more. Tracking this can prove to be wise so you know what efforts work and what efforts don’t work.

The same goes for paying to boost your content to larger audiences. You need to look at your return on investment so that you use marketing dollars in the best possible way. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money because the content is poor quality or the wrong demographic has been selected. Be ready to make modifications as the trends change.

A/B testing can be time consuming, but well worth it in the end. Your content marketing must be specific whether it is on social media or not. They are no longer one and the same. Once you understand they have merged, it can help you to be more successful with marketing campaigns.

Need Some Help?

If you feel confused or overwhelmed, don’t be. Pronto has you covered. With over 1500+ WordPress websites under our belt, we can help you with all your WordPress needs and more. From Social Media all the way to Integrating platforms.

Schedule a call with one of our Pronto Experts and learn how we can secure your website so you can focus on your business.


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