Unique Business Websites Worth Exploring


We are jamming this month with some fresh Business Websites that have the right stuff to make visitors continue browsing. In fact, Pronto recently designed some sites and selected four because of their uniqueness.

One MSP company knocks out IT-related problems, and they have some testimonials to prove it. An Australian IT services provider has solutions to the common IT problems that companies encounter. We have a top distributor of medical supplies for spine surgery to healthcare practitioners and hospitals throughout Thailand. Our last pick distributes interesting cannabis products to their suppliers in California.

All right, now for the first runner up!

1. Hero

Business Websites

Rather than using human-like photos, Hero Managed Services went the unconventional route with a cartoon theme. The characters on their website give you the security of having a hero by your side to knock-out IT issues. Their pages have vibrant problem solving and growth images portraying confidence. Also, they have testimonials as social proof from their clients.

Hero is an IT provider with services in Managed IT, Consulting, Cloud, and VoIP to eight industries. There we’ll-always-be-here-when-you-need-use tagline has kept the business running and climbing for twenty years in Flordia. 

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2. Affinity MSP

Business Websites

Seeing happy and successful business professionals gives this website a thumbs up. Affinity MSP’s site is simple, with bright call-to-action (CTA) buttons on all of the pages, and they have a free ebook, Managed Services, to download. More importantly, their in-your-face problem statements and solutions make new web visitors stop and read. The company is about turning your IT frowns upside down.

Even though Affinity MSP has been operating since 2019, they understand which services their clients need: Managed IT, Cloud PBX, Wan Services, Private Cloud, and Project Management. This company is making things happen in the IT industry in Australia.

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3. Medical Worldtech

Hero Managed Services

One word to describe the illustration on the home page of this website: eye-catching. Beneath the sharp 3D image is Medical Worldtech’s products, displayed in a simple matter for spinal surgeons to understand. Their short blog articles with videos are a plus for spinal surgeons in Bangkok. 

Medical Worldtech is Thailand’s leading distributor of spinal surgery supplies. Their products include (1) Renaissance Robotics, (2) Spineart, (3) C-Blast Putty, and (4) CPE Gown. With 10 years of service under their belt, the company continues to innovate medical equipment for their niche.

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4. The Fenix Family

Business Websites

The Fenix Family’s social media widget, which is linked to their Instagram handle, makes you feel like you’re shopping for household products at a local convenience store rather than getting marijuana from a street dealer. When you hover over the images, it switches to a caption, and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter.

The company offers services in Logistics, Product Offerings, Bulk Material, and Marketing to cannabis companies, predominantly in California. Creams, sprays, oils, edibles, along with different marijuana types, including interesting names like Monkey Wrench, Skywalker, Afgooey, and more, are what’s in store at The Fenix Family.

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Small companies need a site that’s unique and captures leads. Pronto can help with designing and managing the right one for you. Thanks for viewing our Business Websites of the month. We’ll have another showcase in March, so stay tuned.


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