A WordPress update, new alert bars and more!

Update to WordPress 3.5.1

On Thursday, we updated our WordPress platform from version 3.3.2 to the latest version, 3.5.1. The upgrade took place at 4:00am UTC and none of our sites experienced downtime during the migration. Although, you may not have been able to access the WordPress backend of your site during this time.

Features, features, features!

WordPress 3.5 comes with a host of new features including:

  • A new, streamlined admin interface
  • An improved Media Manager that allows you to create galleries and edit inline captions
  • Enhanced image integration
  • Upgrades to security and stability

Here’s the full list of features released in the version 3.5 update and the security patches released in the 3.5.1 update.

Introducing Alert Bars

Have you ever needed to make an announcement about an upcoming event or urgent update to your site visitors? One of the best ways to do this with an attention grabbing bar at the top of your site.

This new feature allows you to display your message to new visitors on your site. It also integrates with Twitter and RSS feeds, so you can have rotating messages of recent posts or articles. See the demo.
alert bar

FAQ manager

We’ve added a new plugin to make managing Frequently Asked Questions simpler, more convenient and an all around better experience for the curator. This plugin uses a combination of custom post types, meta fields, tags and taxonomies to manage FAQs. If you’ve got a lot of FAQs that you’re sales and support teams answer all the time, this is the tool for you. See the demo.
faq manager

Bug fixes

  • Clients who are using our events management system weren’t able to export a CSV of event registrations, this has been fixed and is working now.
  • Some pages on the WordPress Admin Dashboard had notifications that were irrelevant, these have been corrected.
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