eBooks: Powering the Information Highway

Over the years, Internet users have grown pretty savvy when it comes to processing information they receive online, and that is particularly true when it comes to sales messages. Indeed, long ago most consumers would conduct their own research before ever reaching out to sales reps from product information.

But now, consumers decide first, and research later. And they always turn to the same information sources they trust. For those businesses looking to forge those bonds of trust, eBooks are gradually becoming an ideal way to reach out to consumers looking for trusted information sources.

eBooks and Instant Gratification

Another facet of Internet culture is the demand for instant gratification. We want things sooner rather than later, and we reward those that can deliver instantly. Technology has fueled much of this culture. For example, the explosion of mobile platforms in recent years, from sophisticated developments in the manufacturing of smartphone to the plethora of moderately priced tablets, means consumers are no longer tethered to their PC at the office or their laptop at home.

Although blogs can be some of the most useful information sources available, when they're not designed and optimized for mobile platforms, they can become technological hassles for end-users and companies alike. An excellent response to these technological limitations is through the publication of an eBook.

That is because eBooks, once downloaded, are ready to be read anytime and anywhere. eBook readers enjoy content that is optimized for any screen and doesn’t rely on the Internet to access information. An added bonus of eBooks over blog postings is the nature of the medium. Traditional blog posts are fairly short in content owing to the reading habits of the consumer.

eBooks, on the other hand, have a wealth of information contained within them for the curious consumer. When combined with brand awareness, a successful eBook will generate interest and drive customers to your business, and convert curious information seekers into devoted customers.

Interactivity is the New Normal

eBooks are more interactive and creative compared to the text-heavy PDF eBooks from years past. These days, eBook publishers can easily include graphics that engage the reader, entertaining video and sound files, as well as specific content tailored to topics of interest that your new potential customers might be looking to find. This helps build the aforementioned bonds of trust that will help convert the idly curious into committed customers.

A vital component of quality research is found in superior sourcing. As industry leaders, companies are in an ideal position to exhibit their expertise, and an eBook is one of the most powerful marketing tools in which to highlight that knowledge in an interactive format that entertains as much as it informs.

Build Your Business with Quality eBooks

If you are looking to carve out your marketing niche by providing quality content that engages and informs, publishing an eBook is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your toolbox. Not only do eBooks fill a critical informational need, but they also do an excellent job of building trust and relationships across a broad spectrum of people looking to convert their desire to solve a problem using your product or service. At a fraction of the cost it would take to run a three-color advertisement in your local newspaper for a single week, you can build an enduring marketing presence with the use of quality eBooks.

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