Expect and demand excellent customer service

In order to truly satisfy and wow your customers, you need to know what the experience feels like yourself. This will help you internalize customer service and provide insights into ways you can improve your business.

Expect an exceptional experience in every service situation you find yourself in. This doesn't mean you should demand a red carpet at a budget hotel, but the service should be aligned with the price and expectations an organization has promised.

If a business isn't meeting their service commitments, hold them to it, and see how they react. Try ordering something that isn't on the menu, or making a request you know might make somebody stretch a little.

These are golden opportunities for a company to either go above and beyond and wow you, or fall short and deliver an average experience. Learn from these situations and try to imagine how they might apply to your business.

The more you expect from customer service, the more disappointed you’ll become when you don't get it, and the more you'll want this to NOT be how your business treats its customers.

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