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Online advertising is important for businesses of all sizes. It is what allows you to be seen by the average consumer. If you have chosen your demographics properly and developed a good campaign, it will drive traffic to your site and ensure that the call to action is acted upon. Retargeting is a relatively new concept that has proven to be very effective. It allows an ad to be displayed on the site that consumers visit after they have already visited your website and learn about products. They didn’t make a purchase and therefore the retargeting puts your name back in front of them, reminding them of who you are and what you have to offer.

The Benefit of Retargeting

Retargeting is extremely beneficial for small businesses. You want to make sure to capture as much business as possible. If you can bring traffic back to your website, it’s only going to prove cost-effective. Consumers may have already been interested in a product, but for one reason or another, they chose to leave your website before they made a purchase.

Retargeting ads simply allow your customers to be reminded of who you are and make it easy for them to complete their purchase. They may have been comparing prices and then got sidetracked. They may not have been ready to make the purchase at that point in time. Regardless of the reason for them not completing the purchase, they can now see your brand once again, which can be the trigger for them to take action.

Best Practices for an Effective Retargeting Campaign

If you are going to create a Retargeting campaign, there are six best practices that you should keep in mind to ensure a greater ROI.

  • Know Your Audience: One of the most important things to know is who your audience is. Understand the demographics to be able to identify with them and establish ads that are super personalized.
  • Segment the Audience: What you sell on your site may appeal to different audiences. You have the ability to segment the audiences based upon their behavioral retail patterns – and show them ads that are more specific to those patterns.
  • Provide Something: The display ad that you utilize within the Retargeting campaign should provide something. Many small businesses believe that and offers should only drive traffic to the website once. However, you now want to close the deal – and free shipping, new items, or discount codes can be what is needed to get people to click back over to your website and complete their purchase.
  • Adjust Frequency: You may get irritated when it seems like the same ad keeps appearing everywhere you click. Remember that your customers are likely going to feel the same way. The majority of Retargeting platforms will allow you to adjust the number of times that an ad shows to someone before it disappears. This way, you can avoid irritating your customers to the point that they want nothing to do with your brand.
  • Use Burn Pixels: Once a potential customer becomes a customer, use burn pixels so that they are removed from your Retargeting audience. This ensures that they are not being shown the same ad repeatedly, ensuring that you can keep them as a customer as opposed to burning a bridge.
  • Change up the channels: You don’t have to display ads solely on websites in order to Retarget website visitors. You can also use social media campaigns, including Twitter and Facebook.

Final Thoughts on Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns can be as effective as you desire, but only if you are taking the time to change things up. You can offer free shipping to those who have already browsed your site. You can have ads that show off some of your new inventory if they have already been browsing some of your online store.

You have already spent the money to market to the customers, and they may be interested in what you have to offer. However, there are so many businesses that they may forget what they liked about you. A Retargeting campaign is one of the simplest ways to remind them. Just be sure to change creatives and use frequency caps to avoid getting on a potential customer’s bad side.


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