Keyword Repetition: How Much is too Much?


Keywords are important in setting up your website. However, there is a limit to the number of times it should appear. A majority of people still believe that the more words you put down the higher your website will rank. But that’s not the case, in fact Google has come up with algorithms that analyze the data in a website to determine the rank in the search engine. They do this by using bots to crawl through the content of your website and basically see if your content is relevant to what you are targeting. So here are some Tips when it comes keywords:

  • Keyword use on-page

  • On-page keyword needs to take searcher intent and target topics into consideration. Search engines consider these factors in the ranking of a website. You should ensure that your page contains information that is relevant to the search being done and answers the user’s questions. There will be different websites that try to answer the searcher’s questions, but it is up to you to predict the questions of the user even before they click on your website. Doing this will put you at the front of the search engine and will ensure you have more traffic directed to your website.

  • Keyword Placement

  • When it comes to the title, the keyword should appear once. The same also applies for headlines. People like seeing consistency and this is achieved by having the keyword appear in the title followed by the heading. The same idea applies to Meta description.

    However, when it comes to content, depending on how much content there is, the keyword should appear at least two to three times. The density in the content should not exceed 1%, or that will be considered keyword stuffing. If you have many pages, you should consider adding images to it. The images should have the keyword appearing with the picture. Images are important for SEO as they make the website appear more attractive and will lure searchers to click on the website. The keyword should also appear once in the URL. The URL will direct the user to the relevant website, and if you have many pages, keywords should be more directed towards the homepage. If you have subheaders, the keyword should be used at least once in each subheader since they might be applicable there.

    You should avoid stemming as this will lead to a lot of repetitions that will make searchers avoid clicking on your website. As a result, this will lead to keyword stuffing that is not attractive to searchers. The search engine analysis will confirm that your website is stuffing keywords and this will make it lose its ranking.

  • Keyword analysis algorithms

  • When it comes to keyword algorithms, Google has a way of giving alternate search options to those that do not have direct matches. To put your website on the top pages, you should ensure your keywords are presented such that it is easy for the search engine to identify and place when a search is entered. You should also model your topic in a way that the document will appear relevant to your main keyword. Use words and phrases that will make it easy for the topic modeling algorithm to spot you.

    Your website should also answer the question of the user. User intent is one of the things Google looks at when it comes to ranking. Your website must give users what they want, or it will be placed in the last pages. There are many documents available online concerning different topics. For searchers to distinguish between yours and others, you must present your information in a new way that will give the topic a fresh approach.

  • Searcher opinions and engagement

  • It takes less than a second for a searcher to choose whether to click on a link or to ignore and move to the next one. All these considerations go into the search engine system as well and go a long way in determining whether a website should be placed at the top or bottom. The way the keywords are placed determines whether users will decide to click or not. The more people clicking on the website, the higher the chances are for it to be placed among the first search results.

When it comes to SEO, how keywords are used is important in determining how many people click on your website. There is a fine line between reasonable use and overuse of keywords. Keywords are useful but when used in excess give a bad image to the website. The use of keywords should be applied carefully so that search engines can place the website on the first pages.


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