Meet our phone support team

The majority of communication with the Pronto team goes through email, but we understand that sometimes jumping on the phone can help get things back on track or can just be an easier way to explain a complicated idea. That's why we've launched phone support for all of our clients. We now have a team working during US business hours ready to speak with you.

Let's get to know them a bit better:



Our friendly bloke from across the pond, Adam hails from Exeter, UK. He's been living in Thailand for several years and recently joined our phone support team. When he's not in the office being a customer service all star, Adam loves getting involved in the local startup scene and traveling around Southeast Asia.


Originally from Malaysia, James attended Sheffield Hallam University in the UK where he studied Engineering - Mobile Communications. After moving back to Asia and making his way to Thailand, James eventually found his way to Pronto. Need an update made to your website? James is standing by to help out. Just make sure you send him a few cute cat pictures as a thank you.




Scott is an entrepreneur at heart and is always up for a good challenge. He'll work with you to find the best solution no matter what you're facing (same goes for Adam and James). Coming to us from Maryland, Scott spends his time outside of the office working on entrepreneurial ventures and listening to non-fiction audiobooks and podcasts.

If you'd like to talk with any of our pros, feel free to schedule a call with them here.

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