How Pronto helped Center for Computer Resources make their web presence felt


“Knowing that I can submit a ticket to Pronto at any time requesting assistance gives me peace of mind.”
Marina Petz
Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
Center for Computer Resources


Loaded With Accolades, Lacking a Web Presence

Center for Computer Resources is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) with locations throughout Michigan, and over the past several years their notoriety has been steadily growing. In technology circles they’re known as CCR, but they’re also known as a Top501 Global Managed Service Provider, a 2018 Tech Elite Solutions Provider, an MSP Pioneer 250, and many other designations given to worldwide IT service providers operating at the cutting edge of business technology.

The recognition was becoming a serious lead generator for CCR, but they still needed some help with their online marketing efforts, specifically their website. According to Marina Petz, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator for the company, their “website was incredibly outdated, both in terms of content and design wise.” And it wasn’t converting enough leads, despite the industry accolades.

CCR’s old website before moving to Pronto’s new platform

Assessing the Problem’s Particulars

For most companies in the MSP space, their website is an online sales tool. It functions as a repository of information and as a portal through which clients can receive products, services, and technical support. But in order for it to be effective, it needs to embody the solutions the MSP provides and be optimized for maximum traffic and maximum conversion.

“We want our website to represent who we are as a company, so having an outdated one really impacted our traffic and overall SEO rankings.”

This is what Ms. Petz had to say when Pronto first sat down with CCR to assess the problems with their website, and it provided us with a clear understanding of what they were looking for.

We then spent a good deal of time getting to know each other, mainly discussing CCR’s aims and objectives, coming to several conclusions quickly and cooperatively. Namely, that CCR’s website was definitely due for a design overhaul, it also needed fresher and more relevant content, and it was screaming out for some SEO expertise to attract better-targeted, higher-quality leads.

CCR Picks Pronto to Enhance Their MSP Web Presence

Most small-business owners can attest to having difficulties finding perfect solutions providers for their problems. We’ve all heard the horror stories about cycling through vendor after vendor because the results weren’t there, or they weren’t coming fast enough, or they were overpriced in relation to quality.

And though it may sound simple, these sorts of shortcomings often stem from vendors’ failures to understand their clients’ precise business needs. But Pronto is different from other marketing services providers, especially in the MSP space.

“Pronto knows, and understands, our company. From our branding to the look and feel of our website, they capture exactly what we are envisioning in our heads.

We’re not gonna lie. Ms. Petz’s comment is the sort of validation that re-confirms for everyone at Pronto that the time and effort we put into getting to know our customers really pays off. And not only in terms of our profits, but in the sense that what we do for our clients truly aligns with what they want to accomplish.

A Customized Web-Presence Plan

Depending on your marketing knowledge, time, and technical resources, the sorts of improvements Center for Computer Resources wanted to make to their website might seem daunting — redesigned layout, refocused content, and revamped keyword scheme.

But even if they aren’t daunting — which was certainly the case for Ms. Petz, the career online marketing expert — partnering with a company like Pronto is the surest way to shine online.

Here was the plan we tailored to CCR’s needs to ensure production went smoothly and that results were tangible:

  1. Organize – Attention was laser-focused on the new designs, formatting, content, and SEO objectives that defined the project. We provided CCR with a clear-cut onboarding checklist so they could instruct the right personnel internally to provide Pronto with the right information to make the new site successful.
  2. Implement – Once Pronto had the data in hand from the onboarding — which includes dedicated project manager support in addition to mere information gathering — we were underway. And since by that point we had a deep understanding of CCR’s services & solutions, their target audience, and their brand message, implementation was a breeze.
  3. Launch & Support – Thanks to Pronto’s advanced WordPress platform and wealth of creative talent, in the span of just over six weeks — between the initial consultation and the project’s completion — CCR’s new website went live. But our service didn’t stop there: every new website includes a post-production maintenance piece with 24/5 support.
  4. Maintain & Evolve – Pronto continues to support CCR’s new website from a technical/maintenance perspective, and from a value-add perspective. Our array of service offerings aimed at attracting, engaging, and converting new customers turn MSP websites from simple online sales tools to robust growth engines fueled by sound marketing strategy.

Throughout the process, Pronto worked closely with Ms. Petz and her team, providing regular progress updates, performance analyses, and technical support so CCR could remain focused on running their business, not running their new website.

Example Inner Pages on CCR’s Website

Initial Results

After CCR’s new website went live, we asked Ms. Petz at what point did she realize the partnership was working to solve their issues with converting leads.

“After redoing almost every single page on our website, I realized that our traffic quickly began to increase. Our revamped website was more visually appealing, which resulted in prospects spending more time viewing the services we offer.”

Now things were happening. The site had “five nines” reliability (as in, it was up and running 99.999% of the time), it looked great, and it was engaging, so visitors felt comfortable.

“The time we spent going page-by-page paid off as we started receiving leads who had done a simple web search for our company or services.”

Not surprisingly, this led to increased “time on site,” increased evaluations of CCR’s products and services, and increased new customers. But the benefits of optimizing their website for maximum traffic and maximum conversions don’t stop there.

The Long-Term Benefits of Pronto’s MSP Website Solution

After a month or so passes, it is a good time to look at the website’s before-and-after data. And for CCR, things are evidently a lot different now that their website’s design and content have been updated and they’re receiving 24/5 post-production support.

“Regardless of how big or small my request is, I can always count on a Pronto Team Member to reply eager, and ready to work alongside me to complete the task at hand. I’m so confident in their services that we’ve brought some of our own clients on-board to Pronto.”

Maintaining an effective web presence can present certain challenges for MSPs like CCR. That’s because one’s approach must change as one’s clients’ needs change, and it’s why you can’t rely on a new website alone to keep your sales pipeline filled and the qualified leads flowing. You need the new website and dedicated support and a variety of online marketing services working in harmony, which is exactly what Pronto delivers to Center for Computer Resources.

“Knowing that I can submit a ticket any time to Pronto requesting assistance gives me peace of mind. I can always count on them to solve my problems quickly and correctly.”

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