Pay attention to customer service everywhere

Customer service is everywhere. You can experience it with a bank teller, in a restaurant bathroom, at a gas station, from your gardener, and even your family and friends. It’s the way people or organizations treat you and how it makes you feel.

The more aware you are to the customer service around you, the more you’ll internalize and begin creating good customer service habits yourself.

Take note of every customer experience you have. Was it good? If so, how could you apply those practices to your business’ customer service department? Was it bad? What could they have done to improve? And how can you make sure your business avoids making the same mistake in the future?

At Pronto we started a blog to document our customer service experiences. Stories range from frustration with our previous hosting company, to satisfaction after a lady chased away a monkey waiting to steal my food by a dock in Phuket. You can follow our ongoing journey at the Service Journal.

Becoming a critic of customer service in everyday life situations is something anybody can do to improve their own awareness. So start today!

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