Phoenix lets business websites soar to new heights!

Awhile back, we locked our Research & Development Team in a room with an unlimited supply of instant noodles and told them not to come out until they had a new WordPress platform for us. With a serious amount of dedication, skill and hard-work, they delivered what we've lovingly called Project Phoenix.

What’s Phoenix? It’s everything you could ever want from a WordPress platform. It’s powerful, fast, flexible and best of all, responsive to mobile and tablet devices. No more static templates that limit design possibilities. Our new Phoenix Platform opens up a whole new world.

Everything is customizable. From complex custom page layouts, to forms, to image galleries, anything and everything can be set to fit your needs. See something on another website that you like? Chances are Phoenix can do it even better!

If you’re ready for a first-hand look at what Phoenix can do, check out the Phoenix Demo Site (which is of course built on Phoenix). Don’t forget to look through our Examples Page and see some of the Phoenix websites we've already built for our clients.

Quick tip: Adjust the size of your browser window to see how Phoenix looks on smartphones and tablets.

Phoenix is just one of the many exciting developments we have planned for 2014, but it’s going to be a core aspect of our services as we expand into new areas.

Last, but definitely not least, a HUGE thanks to the best R&D Team ever! This is a big step forward for Pronto and it wouldn't have been possible without them!

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