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The Competitors Dashboard helps you see how you stack up against competitors by tracking important link metrics to see how they're performing in search results. Let's take a look at how to add and remove competitors as well as how to interpret the data.

Metrics and Views

Main View
When you open your website’s Competitor Dashboard, you’ll see a navigation bar along the top of the screen with sub-sections. Each of these sub-sections contains a graph and a table that display how you compare to competitors in various metrics. In the table, an overview of all your competitors and metrics can be sorted using the toggles.

Let's take a look at each metric and what it shows you about how your site stacks up against competitors.

Domain Authority
Domain Authority is a measure a domain’s power based on the quantity and quality of links pointing to that domain from other websites. The higher the Domain Authority score, the higher that domain ranks in search results for its target keywords. This view shows your website's Domain Authority score compared to your competitors over time.

Linking Domains
The number of domains linking to your website is extremely influential in judging your site’s potential SEO performance. The Linking Domains view shows the number of domains linking to your website compared to your competition over time. You can learn more about why links are important for SEO on our blog.

MozRank is measurement of your website's link authority and popularity on a 0-10 scale. This view shows your website's score in comparison to your competitor's websites over time.

MozTrust is a measurement of your website's “link trust” on a 0-10 scale. This view shows your website's score in comparison to your competitor's websites over time.

Adding and Removing Competitors

Adding a competitor's website to track
Adding a competitor to the list is simple. Just click the "Add Competitor" button in the top right corner, type in the competitor's domain, and select "Add Competitor". It will take some time for information to appear about that competitor, as Pronto Analytics begins aggregating data about the competitor’s site every week.

Removing a competitor's website
To remove a competitor, click the gear icon to the right of that listing and choose "Delete".

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