Non-Profit Websites Reseller Success: Interview with RoundTable


Starting a reseller program has been a truly organic experience here at Pronto.
We work with hundreds of MSPs & IT consultants, so the opportunity for them to resell websites to their own clients has been a popular request and in tune with their business model.

We built the program so it can help our resellers grow their business, without the need to expand current resources and continue to focus on their core business.

For this first story, we sat down with one of our top performing reseller, Joshua Peskay, Vice President of Technology Strategy at RoundTable Technology, to talk about how they’ve benefited from being a Pronto’s reseller, as well as some of their insider tips.

  1. What’s your 2-min elevator pitch for your business?
  2. We provide quality IT services to SMBs and non-profits. We have a one-minute YouTube video that makes a persuasive elevator pitch.

  3. Why did you choose to become a Pronto Reseller?
  4. We hired Pronto to create and maintain our website after getting frustrated with the complexities of managing our own WordPress site. We were happy with the experience so we asked them about becoming a partner.

  5. How does Pronto’s Reseller Program help your business?
  6. We didn’t have a mature website development and support infrastructure. By partnering with Pronto, we’re able to have both, virtually overnight.

  7. What’s your secret for reselling Pronto?
  8. Make the value proposition clear to customers and make sure Pronto’s services are a good fit for them.

  9. What challenges have you faced when selling Pronto and how did you overcome them?
  10. Understanding Pronto’s strengths and limitations and setting clear expectations with clients. If Pronto is the right fit for a customer, its benefit-cost ratio (BCR) can’t be beaten. If it’s not, or if the customer doesn’t understand the value, it will be tough to succeed.

  11. Do you find that it increases customer retention? If so, why?
  12. Hard to say if it increases customer retention, but we know that customers prefer the simplicity of “one-stop shopping.” So having solid website development and support solutions under our brand definitely helps increase our value to clients.

  13. What would you say to other businesses that might be facing the same challenges as you did?
  14. Pronto is a great partner, but it’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of relationship. If you want the program to be successful, work with your customers and Pronto to make sure everyone is getting what they need from the relationship.

  15. What have you learned from working with us?
    • How to work effectively with international teams in different time zones
    • How to successfully manage relationships with partners and clients
    • What a well-managed and thoughtful company and partner Pronto is (and continues to be)

Partnering with a business you trust is an easy way to earn extra revenue. If you have any questions about our reseller program and the amazing benefits we have in store for you, feel free to talk to us.


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