Re-marketing Strategies That Make A Difference!


By now, you know your site depends on repeat traffic to generate business. It sounds easy enough, but making it happen can be something entirely different. If lost traffic has become an issue on your road to success, look no further than remarketing. These proven strategies are sure to reboot your site and bring back lost visitors along the way.

Check Your Shopping Cart

A visitor who uses a shopping cart on your site is one of the best targets for remarketing. Look at it this way: If they took the time to load an item into the cart, they were interested. For those who didn’t follow through, the reason may have nothing to do with your business. They may have left because of a different deal or forgot to return to finish their purchase due to an emergency. Whatever the reason, reach out via targeted marketing or email campaigns. They should be full of reminders about items left behind or the open cart that was never emptied.

Everyone Loves A Great Deal

Before the Internet became a leader in shopping, retailers knew that sales and coupons could bring in new business. The same is true today for online ventures. Track users who have visited as well as the items they looked at. Set up cookies to collect the data and you can begin targeting them through specialized ad campaigns. Include discounts and coupons relevant to the data you’ve collected on their habits to bring them back to your site. Also, try to introduce specials on items they may not be aware of.

Ads Matter

Online ads can’t help your business if no one sees them. This is especially true for how you approach targeting. Aim for external sites that will speak to the demographic you’re trying to reach. For example, if you are in the market for movie buffs 30-60 years old, look for film sites that discuss classic movies or sell related memorabilia. In the same respect, banner ads for that demographic would probably be ignored on sites dedicated to sports statistics.

Don’t Forget Social Media

While it’s great to go over analytics and SEO strategies for search engines, your best bet might just be in social media. Creating targeting strategies based on social media use is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Just like the ad campaigns mentioned before, cookies can save the day. Focus on visitor traffic through their social media accounts. If they’re not connecting with subjects related to your business, it’s a good sign they’re not the audience you’re targeting.

Look Past Traditional Keywords

Keywords are one of the easiest parts of remarketing to get wrong. You’ve probably used them to steer traffic to your site, blog post or even selected products. Keyword generators can help laser into selected terms, but sometimes specific terms might derail your campaign. Try to interject some general keywords that cover a broad spectrum, instead of just highly detailed options. You might be surprised at how much traffic finds its way to your business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Offline

A marketing approach that combines real world interaction and online participation might be just what you’re looking for. Try setting up campaigns with local businesses that draw traffic to the site. As it expands on a national and international level, that level of cross-promotion can extend to global brands.

Remarketing strategies can turn lost traffic into repeat visitors. With just a few steps, you can see them bring new life to your online business goals. Try some of these proven techniques today and begin reaping the results right away.


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