Say hello, Sydney!

We’re happy to announce that our platform has recently added its first CDN (Content Delivery Network) Edge Server down under in Sydney, Australia (Press Release). The goal of our CDN Edge Server Network is to serve your website’s end-users quickly by delivering a significant portion of content from local servers to reduce latency and page load time, while also increasing site responsiveness and availability. This new location will speed up the delivery of static, streaming and dynamic content to end users in Australia, and will also accelerate the resolution of queries that originate from within the area.

Pronto Marketing Platform & CDN Edge Server Network

Our CDN network is driven by Amazon CloudFront working alongside the Amazon EC2 primary database and application servers in Dublin, Ireland. Currently the Pronto Platform utilizes 33 CloudFront Edge Server locations around the world delivering content to end users.

Alex Phelps
Production Manager

Pronto Marketing

Pronto Marketing

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