Stop trying to fix customer service problems that don’t exist

Great customer service is a lot of little things done well, and there’s no end to the list of improvements you and your team can make. When zeroing in on this list of improvements, it’s important to focus your energy on problems that will actually have an impact on customer satisfaction. Not just a small nit you think should be addressed.

For example, most of our customer facing agents are Thai. They’re all fluent, but English isn't their first language. I used to read their responses and send individual agents emails on how I think English could have been improved. Really small things, like an idiom used incorrectly or some punctuation formatting.

They would listen, and maybe their English improved an incremental 0.001% from that interaction, but is it something that really needed to happen to improve our overall support experience? There were more important things we could be spending our energy on, like methods to double check work for consistency and processes to cover the workload when somebody’s out sick.

Like any company striving to provide great service, our list of improvements is long and never ending. We've learned to pick our battles by focusing on the problems we think will have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, and leave the nitpicking at the door.

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