Tips To Build an Army of Business Promoters

Are you hungry to grow your business via online marketing? Here’s a little secret: Opportunity will grow in proportion to the size of your network. Notice how wealthy people build large networks of successful friends? These people know the great secret of success. Your network can take you to places you can’t reach on your own.

If you're willing to put your ego aside and focus on building a massive network and helping out your buddies, you will grow a huge group of people who will happily promote you to their followers. As your network grows you tap into large groups of new people, folks you wouldn’t have met if not for your network. This helps you to expand your presence quickly, without having to spend a small fortune on paid marketing techniques.

To do this, it's importnat that you dwell on the idea of helping other people get what they want so you can get what you want. This is a toughie for most new entrepreneurs to accept, but if you think it through, it’s true. Here's how you can tap into this important idea.


This is not a one for one deal. You help people to help people, looking for nothing in return. A magical thing happens as you detach from outcomes, you find some of the people you promote are willing to promote you, and you also find that other people whom you’ve never met are more than willing to promote you heavily to their audience.

How did this happen? You did not look for something in return. You did not try to get something by giving, you simply gave freely, for the joy of it, and helped someone out, and people help you in return.

Good content

Of course your content needs to be up to snuff to get other people to promote it. Write helpful, usable and entertaining content. Inject your personality into your work, in order to quickly draw in an audience of people who will aggressively promote you.

Practice persistently to become a more effective writer. You can simply attract an army of people who will readily promote you by putting your best work out there each time you write a blog post, create an article or shoot a video. Intend to do your best, always, and you set a strong precedent, raising the bar for yourself each time you decide to create.

Creating good content grows easier if you are willing to practice creating content daily. If you run a blog, post 2 to 3 times daily. Remember, you want to attract an army of people who will readily promote you. You must become memorable in their eyes in order to really stand out from the online crowd. As you find your voice, people with a similar vision and mindset will be happy to promote you to their followers, and your presence will expand with real speed.

Promote others aggressively and put out good content at a prolific clip. Follow these two steps daily and you can easily attract an army of people who will quickly promote you to their large followings.

About the Author
Kelli Cooper, writing for Exhibit Deal, is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing advice on how to grow your business through effective online marketing techniques.

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