Using LinkedIn Pulse to reach a wider audience


Everyone wants to stay connected within their professional world. Additionally, it is important to utilize the right tools when it comes to reaching a wider audience. LinkedIn Pulse can be one of the best solutions because it utilizes existing connections and makes recommendations on new connections so that you can stay engaged and tap into new markets at the same time.


Introduction to LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse was created by students at Stanford University in 2010. It is an app available in the App Store, and focuses on daily news from hundreds of sources. Over the years, the app has changed and evolved in order to meet the needs of the people using the app.

As such, identity was added in order to personalize the business news.


What is the purpose?

The purpose of LinkedIn Pulse is to power a significant amount of content that is visible on the LinkedIn home page. Approximately 30,000,000 people use the app, and in addition to combining hundreds of sources, it also has its own organic content. Essentially, it is designed to deliver personal news so that you can stay up on what is going on inside of your professional world, regardless of what industry you may be a part of.


Where do I start?

The first thing that you need to do is visit the App Store, whether it is for iOS 4 android, and download LinkedIn Pulse. There is a complete on boarding process that is extremely simple. Rather than having to follow topics are publishers, you simply have to log into your LinkedIn account. Pulse will then be able to give you today’s news based upon your industry, your connections, and what you follow on LinkedIn.

The connections that you have on LinkedIn is ultimately going to provide you with everything. You will have relevant news stories presented to you based upon your professional identity as well as the different connections that you have. No input is needed on your side, and this is what makes Pulse such a great way to grow your audience.


How is it integrated or related to user profiles or company Pages?

There is integration with LinkedIn, so it is constantly learning what you want to see. It will show you posts that people from your network are sharing or commenting on, stories that mention the people you work with, for the company you work for, as well as breaking news in the industry.

Further, the card-based interface allows you to skim through content quickly. You can dismiss stories, save stories, and even like authors from articles that you read by following them. All of these interactions will allow the app to refine content recommendations so that they are more personalized for you and your needs.

Understanding how your activity on LinkedIn plays into what Pulse shows is critical. The more people you follow and more company pages you like, the more the app will be influenced in order to show you what it considers more relevant news stories. As you add more people, your audience grows.

Remember that as you add content, this is allowing others to receive information about your new stories as well. Hence, publication of new content becomes vital so that you are able to grow your audience and ensure that people are following you, saving your stories, and generally interacting with you on one level or another.


How can connections help?

Because of being exposed to so many different news stories, you have the ability to increase connections. You may find that there are some incredible new stories being released that have to do with your company or your industry. You can add these authors as connections – and you may learn of people who are interacting with the people you work with. These can soon become your connections as well.


Ways to use LinkedIn Pulse effectively

  • As you grow your connections, you have the ability to ensure your articles become more visible and reach a wider audience.
  • You want to share the articles that you write on LinkedIn and various other social networks.
  • A subscriber/email list can also be used if you are building one – and the connections that you have could ultimately become subscribers.
  • Connections can help to drive traffic, because using LinkedIn Pulse makes sure that everything is interconnected.

Pulse can be a great driving force for your content marketing strategy that allows you to grow your audience. This is because you will learn about more connections and have the ability to drive more people to the blogs and articles that you write for your business.


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