Using VisiStat LeadCaster to Get More Leads from Your Website


Last week, we were proud to release a new web analytics tool, Visistat, that will allow you to see who is on your site, what pages they visited and even their contact information. Yes, that right! You can start building leads directly from your website visitors.

We install Google Analytics (GA) on all Pronto sites, and in most cases GA is sufficient for analyzing traffic and determining user behavior. However, there is one area in which Google Analytics falls short. Google’s privacy policy prohibits them from providing personally identifiable information. Essentially, Google will tell you how many people came to your site, but they won’t tell you who those people are.

Enter stage left: Visistat. Visistat contains all the standard analytics reporting features you’ve come to love in Google Analytics including campaign tracking and conversion funnels, but today, we’re going to focus on the feature that sets Visistat apart – Lead Capture.

The Live Leads report in the Lead Capture (aka LeadCaster) tool tells you who is visiting your site right now. Not only will the Live Leads report show you the visitor’s IP address, but integration with Salesforce’s Jigsaw business database pulls in business details as well – including business name, website, address and contact information for individual employees.

The level of detail provided here is amazing. With just a couple of clicks, you can set an alert to receive an email notification when the visitor comes to your site again, you can check if you’ve already connected with any of the employees on LinkedIn, and if you use Salesforce as your CRM, you can directly import Lead information.

Another feature in which Visistat oversteps Google Analytics’ capabilities is Clickpath History. GA will only show how many people viewed a page and what percentage of those people moved on to another page, but Visistat shows you exactly which pages an individual visitor viewed and how long they stayed on each page.

This will be a huge help in assessing the quality of each of your Live Leads. In this example, three and half minutes on our Pricing page shows a pretty strong interest in our services.

Since this visitor has shown such a keen interest in our services, we’ve added them to our Watchlist. This allows us to track them along with our other Prospects to see how many total pages they have viewed, and if we decide to add an Alert or drop them into Salesforce at a later time, those options are just one click away.

Unfortunately, not every IP address will match up with a business name in the Jigsaw database. Often, IP addresses will just point back to major internet services providers. Visistat is configured to filter out most ISPs, but a few still might slip through.

Don’t worry though. Keeping your list of Leads clean is easy. You can simply choose to flag a visitor as an ISP. Or, let’s say one of your existing customers continually pops up in your Live Leads. You can choose to hide them at any time. Their visits will still be recorded in the analytics section of Visistat, but they’ll no longer clutter up your Leads.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Live Leads, I’d like to briefly go over a couple of other really cool features. Touch Mapping allows you to see exactly where visitors click on your homepage. This can be a great indicator of what is drawing the visitor’s attention.

In this case, the top navigation bar and the video Play button are looking pretty hot – which is great because it means people are interesting in learning more about what Pronto has to offer; however, the contact form on the bottom right side has far fewer clicks. Perhaps we need to add something a little more eye catching to draw people in.

Click maps are an awesome way of understanding how visitors behave on your site. Individual tools for this kind of data cost anywhere from $50-100/month, but in Visistat, this is included within the standard price.

Lastly, the Internet is a massive place and everyday, people from all over the world randomly end up on your site. For a business operating within a local community, these international visits are meaningless, so it’s important to focus on visitors within your service area.

A list of Top Cities is nothing new. Google Analytics can provide the exact same report, but Visistat goes a step further and allows you to drill into individual visitors from a specific location.

With this information, you can see how these particular visitors behave on your site, and make a better informed decision if those visitors should be added to your Watchlist, imported to Salesforce or contacted immediately.

Visistat provides a level of detail that is wholly unavailable in Google Analytics. It turns your website into a lead generating machine! The Visistat platform costs $250/month which, considering all the amazing features it includes, really isn’t that much and can be an important part of your Internet Presence Management.

As a special offer, we’re giving all Pronto websites a one month trial of Visistat for free! This week, we’ll be automatically placing the Visistat tracking code on your site and will email the login credentials for your account to you. All you have to do is sign in and start building leads!

We run free trials for the program each month. If you want to continue using Visistat after that, you’ll need to opt-in to the full program at $250/month.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about Visistat including additional details on how to build leads and webinars outlining best practices.

If you have any questions about Visistat or the free trial, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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