Why you’re not generating and converting leads


I have a website that is getting traffic. It offers a great ebook that people can download by giving me their name, email and phone number. So far no one has. 🙁

Does this sound familiar?

There’s a reason you are not generating leads. If you’re generating traffic but no one is downloading your ebook or report, something is missing.

It’s actually something that was touched on way back in 1996 in a book by Eugene Schwartz called Breakthrough Advertising. If you’re in business and haven’t read it, do so.

In the book Schwartz talks about the five stages of awareness that prospects could be in at anytime when reading your content.

The 5 stages are:

  1. Completely Unaware
  2. Problem Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. Product Aware
  5. Most Aware

To help you truly understand what’s causing your lack of conversions, let’s go through the 5 stages:


Those in the Most Aware stage are the easiest to convert into a sale; those in the Product Aware stage need only a small nudge to pull the trigger; those in the Solution Aware stage need guidance; and those in both the Completely Unaware and Problem Aware stages are the hardest to convert.

Here’s Why You Are Unable To Convert Traffic To Leads

One of the biggest reasons your traffic isn’t converting to leads is because you’re targeting people in the wrong stages.

It’s impossible to take people from the Completely Unaware stage and turn them into a prospect simply by providing them with a downloadable report. The bridge is simply too far.

It doesn’t matter how many split tests you run or how much you change your landing page copy if you’re not targeting the right people at the right stage of awareness.

By zeroing in on your targets, you’ll convert traffic to leads with even the most basic and ugly landing page, simply because you’re presenting exactly what people need at the right time.

How Do I Target People At The Right Awareness Stage?

With time, practice, and knowledge, you’ll get better at this.

By really understanding your personas, you’ll get to know what they’re looking for at the different stages of awareness.

Let’s use an example to zoom in on the type of content for each of the stages. Let’s assume we’re a company selling Shampoo to reduce hair loss in women.

You don’t want to target anyone in the Completely Unaware stage. The time and potential cost to convert them isn’t worth it.

Those in the Problem Aware stage know that their hair is falling out but aren’t yet looking for a solution. If you were targeting these people, a simple blog post about the causes of hair fall would be useful.

Those that are Solution Aware know that their hair is falling and they know that there are different shampoos they could use, but they’re unfamiliar with your brand. The content to use here is more about the benefits of using a hair-loss-specific shampoo.

Once they’re in the Product Aware stage, they know about your product but aren’t sold on it being the right solution. The content you present here needs to ‘sell’ why your shampoo works (testimonials and case studies are the BEST content for this stage).

After becoming Product Aware, they move into the Most Aware stage. These are the people who know your product is exactly what they want. Your content should make an offer that makes them feel it’s too good to miss out on.

What Next?

Now it’s time to review your content and see where they fit in the awareness stages. If you can’t match it up to a stage, your content needs refining.

By having content or downloadables for each of the awareness stages, you give yourself a better chance of converting traffic into leads. And by understanding the different awareness stages, you can focus in on which leads are the most ready to become customers.

Review, adjust and resume — these are your action steps moving forward.


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