Infographic: The 5 Phases of an SEO Campaign

Infographic: The 5 Phases of an SEO Campaign

Matteo Trovato, the Head of Search & Advertising at Pronto, put together an infographic to walk you through the 5 Phases of a complete SEO campaign.

There’s no shortcut nor easy button when it comes to SEO. There’s a science and numbers behind getting qualified search traffic to your website.

The process highlighted below will help you make decisions based on actual traffic data and then optimize your website and online presence in the right order.

5 Phases of an SEO Campaign Infographic

Phase 1: Researching

Discover as much as possible about the website you want to optimize - keywords, locations, services, and competitors. Check out our post on the best SEO tools to help with your research.

Phase 2: Improving

Improve the existing content and structure of your website. The fastest way to boost traffic comes from pages the site already has, not from new ones.

Phase 3: Building

After optimizing the existing pages (sales-focused pages, especially those for services), it’s time to build new ones after searching for a new set of keywords.

Phase 4: Promoting

This is pretty much all about getting more sites to link back to yours (a process referred to as Link Building by SEO professionals). It’s about figuring out the best way to promote your website’s most strategic pages through other websites.

Phase 5: Measuring

Adjust campaigns, optimize conversion rate, and report on progress and results.

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