Building an email marketing strategy


Although many view email marketing as an old and outdated way of generating leads and making sales, email marketing was and still is an effective way of marketing a business successfully. With that in mind, isn’t it time you get a comprehensive view of what email marketing can offer to your business?


Your goal is to connect with potential customers, leads and create sales growth and luckily email is one of the best ways to do exactly that. For the most part some companies fail to utilize the customer database already available to them from having registered Clients via website, and instead try finding other means which actually create more expenses.

Opt in is valuable because obtaining permission to send emails means that you have the best chance of the emails being opened and read. The idea is that if you follow up on a regular and timely basis. Remember, when something arrives in an inbox, and it has been expected, customers will generally read it.

You can further personalize emails and build data based on segmentation of your clients. This is where your contact databases are split into different groups of like-minded readers. It’s a way of making customers more engaged and appreciative of what you’re sending, based on their behavior and click rates.

Having an acquisition strategy can also bring increasing audience growth. Start by studying the different social media platforms which generates the most customer interaction for your business; you might also want to keep in mind whether your customer is on a phone, tablet or a laptop as this affects the type of social media platforms they’re engaged with.


So, you’ve got killer content that you know will be a great hit, but how do you actually get it to people? There are many ways you can look at this. One of them being the physical reach, which is referred to any device that is used to receive emails.

  • Device Friendly: It’s not a secret that almost everyone has either a smartphone or some sort of device that is connect to the internet. With that in mind, optimization is very important, you want to be able to have your email and content readable on all or nearly all devices. For example according to Return Path, 63% of US consumers will reflexively delete emails which are not optimized for mobile.
  • Build your presence: Utilize different platform on the internet as much a possible. Platforms like social media, forums and boards, all provide a great channel to get an understanding of what your clients think, like, and dislike. It also creates opportunities for you to connect to your audiences by asking and answering questions.
  • Optimized for sharing: Customers also need ways to share your message. Impact Branding and Design did a study which revealed that emails with social sharing buttons create 158% more clicks through than emails without sharing tools. This includes links and buttons so that customers can follow your company on its social networks.

The points brought up above are just scratching the surface on a few basic tactics you can use. Everything might not be as straight forward as it looks, consistency is key here.

Moreover, as a business owner there are two types of analytical data you want to be looking out for, in the long haul. The first is the “Email Open Rate” which is the amount of people who open your email, and the second type is “Click-Through Rate” which is the amount of people who click on a link in the email. Now it’s straight forward, how you get more click through rates is by having more people open your email.


When it is time for customers to engage with your company, make each impression count. Although engagement is one of the largest challenges in email marketing, it is something which can be overcome by savvy strategy.

Like we’ve suggested above, figuring out the target, and what they are into is the best way to gain or increase engagement, because the more the client is immersed into something the more likely they will continue to engage. But how? I only have one word for you: content.

You want to able to draw your customers in with something that will be interesting to them, while not trying too hard to push an agenda across. This may include campaigns, newsletters, visual based content and other things that will be able to increase the call to action rate, even headlines, the list is endless. The more positive your user experience you create, the more likely your company will drive in more traffic.

Email marketing creates possibilities of building a detailed statistical database about your current and potential customers, and helps you learn about user preferences to generate leads. This form of marketing is one of the lesser used tactics due to the stigma of either being too hard or old, which means there is a lot of room for growth in any company which chooses email marketing.

Keeping in mind the above points, it will be quite possible to launch favorable and profit-driven email campaigns. Just keep in mind that with your customer, every interaction counts.


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