Infographic: SEO 101 – 8 Link Building Factors For Your Site To Rank Higher


Search engines look at a wide variety of factors when determining rankings, but links are arguably the most important factor and can have a huge impact on your SEO success.

Link building refers to the process of getting another site to add a link to yours. Think of it as a voting system. More votes from more websites mean better rankings and votes from higher quality websites carry more strength.

By following these link building factors, you’ll eventually get more quality backlinks and your rank will go up as a result. But remember that SEO work is a marathon, not a sprint.

Link Building Factors Ingfographic

#1: Referring domains

The first link often passes the most value, has the largest impact, and is given the most credit from Google. Remember, it’s not just about the number of links.

#2: Keywords you’re trying to rank for

Search for relevant keywords using a keyword research tool and research your local competitors.

#3: Quality of links

Build links from sites that have quality content and are relevant to your audience.

#4: Domain authority (DA)

Focus on sites with DA 30+.

#5: Position of the link on a page

It’s better to place the link somewhere visible and make it relevant in the content. This could be on top of the content or in the body, but not hidden on a sidebar or footer.

6: Don’t buy links from a suspicious source!

You don’t need thousands of links if the links you have are high-quality and natural.

#7: Start slowly

Aim to build 4-10 links in your first month.

#8: Remember trying to rank well takes time

It could take months to a year. Patience is key.

Happy ranking!

If you need help understanding your ranking situation, request a consultation and we’ll assess your SEO status and link building opportunities.


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