3 Clever SEO Techniques for Attorneys to Boost Website Visibility [With Examples]

SEO Tips for Attorneys

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not easy for law firm websites. It’s a time-consuming combination of technical settings and marketing strategy. But there are plenty of ways for attorneys to succeed at SEO. The key to designing a website that appears near the top of search engine results is priorities. There’s no SEO golden ticket […]

What is “Google My Business” And Why Does Every Local Business Need It?

Bonus Material: SEO 101 Guide Local businesses have unique needs when it comes to digital marketing. Obviously, you want as much online visibility as possible, but more importantly, you want to reach the right people. If your best customers are local, that’s who you want to find your website, social media channels, etc. The Google […]

Infographic: The Keys To Ranking in Local Search Using Google My Business

Following these 6 steps will help your business get found on Google Maps. Step 1: Set Up Your Profile Set up and maintain your Google My Business (GMB) account. Publish GMB posts whenever possible. Step 2: Maintain Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Info Maintain a consistent and accurate name, address, and phone number across all […]

Infographic: The 5 Phases of an SEO Campaign

Matteo Trovato, the Head of Search & Advertising at Pronto, put together an infographic to walk you through the 5 Phases of a complete SEO campaign. There’s no shortcut nor easy button when it comes to SEO. There’s a science and numbers behind getting qualified search traffic to your website. The process highlighted below will […]

Website Evaluation: Top 4 Factors To Review & Checklists

Website evaluation is something people tend to overlook. Sorry to rock your boat, but even though you have a website that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Your website is one of the best mediums for getting your business out to the world. As such, you need to make it as easy as possible for […]

10-Point landing page optimization checklist for small businesses

If you understand the potential that is in the internet to market and grow your business, then you should be pulling all the stops to make maximum use of it. Your website should be user-friendly; attractive, accurate, interesting and easy to navigate. One of the tried and tested strategies for achieving this is with unique […]

4 Great Automotive Websites Fine-Tuned With Advanced Features

When it comes to automotive services, details are important, whether it’s a paint job or a safety inspection. Today we’ll look at four automotive websites built by Pronto that clearly display the client’s services and qualifications, and make use of advanced features to improve the way they do business. First, we review a specialty body […]

Why is my website getting so much referral traffic?

If you’ve looked at your website traffic analytics recently, you may have noticed a huge spike in referral traffic followed by an equally sudden drop back to normal traffic levels. What’s going on here and how does it affect your website? At first glance, these huge jumps in traffic might seem exciting, but if you […]

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