10-Point landing page optimization checklist for small businesses

If you understand the potential that is in the internet to market and grow your business, then you should be pulling all the stops to make maximum use of it. Your website should be user-friendly; attractive, accurate, interesting and easy to navigate. One of the tried and tested strategies for achieving this is with unique […]

4 Great Automotive Websites Fine-Tuned With Advanced Features

When it comes to automotive services, details are important, whether it’s a paint job or a safety inspection. Today we’ll look at four automotive websites built by Pronto that clearly display the client’s services and qualifications, and make use of advanced features to improve the way they do business. First, we review a specialty body […]

Why is my website getting so much referral traffic?

If you’ve looked at your website traffic analytics recently, you may have noticed a huge spike in referral traffic followed by an equally sudden drop back to normal traffic levels. What’s going on here and how does it affect your website? At first glance, these huge jumps in traffic might seem exciting, but if you […]

What to ask before hiring an AdWords consultant

Maintaining a highly ranked website or blog may seem like a full time job. It is in fact quite demanding. This is why hiring professionals to take care of it while you take care of the core business makes sense. Google AdWords in particular can be very time consuming if you’re not familiar with the […]

B2B Content Marketing: 3 Tips on How To Do IT Right & Keep It Easy

“Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” Do you agree with best-selling author Seth Godin’s statement? He’s not alone in this belief. 70% of marketers reported having invested in content marketing in 2020.  B2B content marketing presents valuable opportunities to articulate the important elements of your company and how you solve problems. By aligning […]

8 Tips for Writing Clickable Calls to Action

When you are writing button copy for contact forms or throughout your website, you need to have an amazing call to action in order to drive clicks. This means taking the time to understand what the real goal is – as well as understanding your demographic. 1. Use a STRONG Verb When you are getting […]

Sharp Financial Services Websites to Bookmark

Businesses in the rapidly evolving financial industry need websites with advanced features and fast support to stay competitive. Today, we’ll look at four financial services websites that Pronto built for our clients. First, we have a home loan company from Arkansas. Second, a Texas-based financial author and speaker. Third, a financial advisor firm from across […]

4 Simple Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors Into Sales

Online marketing has a number of steps that need to succeed before it can be considered successful. For example, it is not enough for a business’s website to be able to bring in visitors because it needs to be able to convince said individuals to become paying customers as well. In other words, a website […]

The Best SEO Tools in 2020

With one simple click, Google’s search engine can generate thousands of results. Since 51% of website traffic is from organic searches, it’s essential to seek out every opportunity to advance in search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target search terms. Relevant and trusted sources display first. Content optimization is one way to boost your […]

Why a Beautiful Website Design with Top Performance is What Your Business Needs

An effective marketing tool every small business must-have is a professional, high-quality website. This isn’t a new development. The post-COVID-19 reality of business in 2020 has made eCommerce more essential. It’s been trending that way for about a decade.  Emarketer estimates that over 200 million people will buy something online in 2020. The pandemic is […]

Solid Industrial Websites That Do the Job for Manufacturing

As an industrial manufacturer, you know how important first impressions are for building trust in your high-value products and services. That’s why it’s equally important that your website gives a great first impression as well. In this post, we’ll look at several industrial websites we built. Our selection covers a variety of manufacturers, including a […]

How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

You finished doing keyword research and have narrowed it down to a few keywords for your new web page or blog post. You aren’t sure which keyword to pick. That’s were the Google Trends tool comes into action. It’s important to learn how to use Google Trends to support your SEO strategy. But why is […]

Things You Need to Know About a Google Spider Bot and How It Affects SEO

Even if you aren’t technologically savvy, you know what a search engine is. But do you know how Google works? Do you know what a search engine Spider Bot/web crawler does? The answer to the questions has a strong impact on your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also how it ranks on the Search Engine […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Content Marketing

The Internet has democratized marketing, leveling the playing field for many small businesses with limited resources. The Benefits of Content Marketing are not just for the big guys with enormous budgets. Anyone with something interesting to say and the time and resources to publish regularly can benefit immensely from the inbound marketing style, which is currently […]