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How to ensure the usefulness of your email newsletters

Creating an email newsletter requires nothing more than a purpose and a bit of creativity. It’s basically a simple document that can serve as a tool that you can use to earn some attractive

The Importance of an Integrated Email Marketing Campaign

In today’s internet-driven economy, where many consumers shop and do much of their banking and other financial transactions online, it is imperative that small- to medium-sized business owners stake out a presence in the

The Secret to Achieving Success With Email Marketing Campaigns

In today’s economic climate, where a large percentage of consumer purchases are done online, business owners without a web presence shortchange their potential success and revenue. In United Parcel Service’s annual survey of more

Are You Using The Wrong Email Marketing Metrics?

In today’s world of seemingly endless streams of analytical data, it’s become hard to know exactly which email marketing metrics you should be measuring. Unfortunately it’s also increasingly hard to know just how much

Accelerating Your Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing can seem rather outdated, but that is far from the truth. For proof of its usefulness in modern times, look no further than the countless businesses out there seeking to convince their

8 Simple Tips for Improving your Email Click-Through Rate

Get the most out of your email campaign by boosting its important metric, besides your open rate: the click-through rate! The click-through rate (CTR) shows you that not only have the readers of your

How newsworthy are your email newsletters?

Email newsletter is a set of information about your business by way of email to your potential and existing customer base. Some of the important information contained in the email newsletter includes product or

Email Marketing Redefined

While Email marketing may seem like a prehistoric skeleton in a museum or even that last piece of broccoli on your dinner plate, you’ve got to hand it to them – email marketing has

Building an email marketing strategy

Although many view email marketing as an old and outdated way of generating leads and making sales, email marketing was and still is an effective way of marketing a business successfully. With that in