Solid Industrial Websites That Do the Job for Manufacturing


As an industrial manufacturer, you know how important first impressions are for building trust in your high-value products and services.

That’s why it’s equally important that your website gives a great first impression as well.

In this post, we’ll look at several industrial websites we built. Our selection covers a variety of manufacturers, including a corrosion-prevention product manufacturer from Houston; a paint manufacturer just outside Mobile; a brick marker from West Palm Beach; a manufacturer of industrial access equipment near Tampa, and a metal fabrication workshop in Milwaukee.

Let’s tour the floor!

5 Great industrial site designs

1. BK Corrosion

BK Corrosion’s manufacturing site built by Pronto

BK Corrosion makes products that prevent corrosion on a variety of components and machinery.

Pronto designed a website for them with a clean aesthetic that uses environmentally friendly imagery to reinforce their brand’s positioning.

We also used various plugins and tools to organize the significant amount of technical information they needed on their website.

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2. BLP Mobile Paints

BLPs professional website build

BLP Mobile Paints as been in business for nearly 100 years! They have a strong connection to Mobile, AL, and even supply the paint for some of the city’s most treasured historical sites.

Our team made sure to showcase BLP’s ties to their home city with a stoic design and imagery of the many famous places they have made paint for.

On the more technical side, Pronto’s engineers implemented several specialized WordPress tools that the site needed for BLP to present their products effectively.

Now, prospective customers can search for the product they want directly and download the specifications with a single click.

3. Brick Markers USA

Brick Markers’ WordPress website design

This Florida business, as the name suggests, makes bricks, but not for construction purposes. They create decorative and commemorative bricks for individuals, businesses, schools, NPOs, and more.

One of their most popular products is a customized brick that customers can use as a fundraising tool, allowing donors to memorialize their contributions

Brick Makers USA’s site differs slightly from other industrial websites, as it was not aimed at other heavy industry businesses, but at organizations of all types and sizes. However, this was not a problem since our team has extensive experience with commercial websites.

We created an effective navigation and single pages for each buyer type. This helped to provide a more customized browsing experience and an SEO-friendly site structure.

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4. Factory Supply, Inc.

Manufacturing website design for Factory Supply

On the other side of the state in Tampa, Factory Supply sells industrial access products, and anything else that can help workers safely get around an industrial or military facility.

Their long product line necessitated several different plugins and tools to make navigation through their product pages easier.

Pronto’s WordPress team built and helps to maintain displaying the large number of product photos and technical data, so customers can find what they want at all times.

5. Weld-Fab Manufacturing Corp.

Eye-catching industrial/manufacturing site

Up north near Milwaukee is Weld-Fab, a family-owned welding and metal fabrication company that has been around since 1990. With their considerable experience and large, fully outfitted machine shop, they can shape metal into just about any form their customers need.

Due to their business nature, we went with a very visual approach for this industrial website to highlight Weld-Fab’s craftsmanship.

Our writers focused on brevity to convey the necessary information without taking too much space away from the high-resolution images and effects.

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A website manufactured to your specifications

Pronto can build a custom website for your company. You’ll get a modern site that makes a great first impression on potential business partners and strengthens your reputation.

If you’re not exactly sure what your website strategy should be, our Growth Management team can help you determine how to market your business and put together a custom marketing plan.

Thanks for checking out our industrial websites.


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